23 Research Things is back

Talk about perfect timing for 2023… 

Returning for the fourth edition, this year’s 23 Research Things will feature bi-weekly posts with the theme managing your research: working harder, not smarter. Topic experts from across the University of Melbourne will highlight resources, strategies and tools available to help manage your research: no matter what discipline you are from, or what career stage you are at. As a bonus, some of the posts will have interviews with people who have a lived experience of the topic, bringing a “thing in action” point of view. 

The first research Thing will be posted next Tuesday, 01 August 2023, with new content each week until the end of October. The best way to stay up to date is to register here to receive an update in your inbox when a new Thing is posted. Also check out the 23 Research Things site here, and today’s post which includes a sneak peek of what’s in store over the next three months.  

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