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  1. Market Research for Industry Engagement | Webinar (20/08/2020)

    Market Research for Industry Engagement

    How might you better engage with your industry as a researcher in Business and Economics?

  2. Managing Research Impact & Online Engagement in Business & Economics | Webinar (28/08/20)

    Managing Research Impact and Online Engagement

    Are you a Business Economics researcher wanting to improve your research impact?

  3. Researcher Connect Online (9 June – 3 July 2020)

    Explore digital tools, research strategies & support across 50+ online events available to graduate and academic researchers at the University of Melbourne.

  4. 23 Research Things is back in 2020

    What are 23 things that 2014 and 2017 have in common? Answer: 23 Research Things.

  5. Find-A-Study: New service for researchers

    Find-A-Study Connecting students and current research Find-A-Study is a platform to engage students and researchers on relevant studies, providing a standard platform for recruiting participants. When …

  6. Preparing for Discovery Early Career Researcher Award or other grants?

    Grant applications often require researchers to demonstrate the impact and engagement of previous research outputs. Academic impact of research can be demonstrated by metrics such as …

  7. ANDI Early Career workshop (Wed 24 October 2018)

    Are you an Early Career Researcher keen to put your research in a bigger perspective and to think beyond your discipline? If so, ANDI wants to …

  8. 23 Research Things@Melbourne: That’s a Wrap!

    Haven’t been able to keep up with the 23 Research Things blog? This week marks the end of the 2017 edition of this initiative, with an …

  9. Going Digital! – Subscribe to the University Digitisation Centre newsletter

    The University of Melbourne Library is committed to increasing engagement with the collections for research and teaching as well as bringing them to the attention of …

  10. Trial database – Exile Shorts

    Exile Shorts streams award-winning short-form, student films and educational audiovisual content. The database focuses solely on delivering short-form and includes: Titles from the British Film Institute, …

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