Second year begins (Raph)

Hi everyone!

Thanks for coming back to read more about second year at Back for Seconds! We have a shiny new website and three of us (Aimee, Eyre and myself) are continuing blogging from where we left off last year. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as we head further into our degrees!

It’s starting to get really serious for us second-years now, as we push on into harder subjects, and approach the mid-point of our course. For me it’s both exciting and daunting getting into harder material, with subjects teaching me more specifically about the science I’m really interested in, but also getting more complicated and demanding. It’s also very nice to have Thursdays off due to having fewer contact hours than last year; I have a bit more time away from Uni to balance my life. I’m working a little at a local Cafe, which is also a good change away from the books (in addition to having a bit more money to spend on Uni events!)

It’s nice to see the campus buzzing with new first-years, reminding me that it’s been a whole year since I was there, new and wide-eyed walking onto the grand campus we study on. I like to think that I’m still just as eager to study hard, only difference is I know where the buildings are much better now!

I know it’s taken me 5 weeks to find the time to write a blog post, but I’m hoping to post at least somewhat regularly to let you all know how things are going, hope you’ll come back and keep reading!

Have a great week,


One Response to “Second year begins (Raph)”

  1. hendersona says:

    Great to have you back with us blogging in 2017 and to hear you’ve created a timetable for yourself that allows you to balance uni/work/life. What specialism are you working towards in Science?