Mid-semester break

After a really busy few weeks, mid-semester break provides a chance to pause, revise, catch up and also have a break! This semester, like all those past, has been crazy and extremely busy. Like the duck often used as a simile in situations like this, I’m always struggling to stay afloat, even if everything seems to be going just fine.

Life update: I’m making my way through another semester of Computer Science and Italian, with the addition of an elective in Electrical Engineering (“it’ll be fun” I thought) which is proving a bigger challenge than all my other subjects combined! I’m enjoying it though, and trying to constantly stop and realise how much I’m learning every day. I was recently elected president of the Engineering Music Society which I still can’t quite believe. It’s a wonderful group of people which I’ve played music with since the start of Uni. President means leading a committee to plan rehearsals, concerts and events, a big job but one that I’m proud to be doing.

I’ve also been using the break to plan an exchange trip to Italy for semester two 2018, where I’m hoping to study at the University of Bologna, the oldest Uni in the world. It’s quite a process, and I’m currently flicking through the subject handbook (not laid out nearly as nicely as it is at UniMelb) to decide exactly what I want to study there. After many of my friends jetted off this semester for their exchange experience, I’ve gotten more excited but also more nervous: it isn’t far away now!

I’m again disappointed that I haven’t had much time to blog this semester, however I hope you’ve all been enjoying Aimee’s posts, I know I have! What strange coincidence that I happen to be taking classes with both Aimee and Eyre this semester: Aimee in Italian and Eyre in Software Development. Like it was meant to be!

Hope everyone’s had a great break, keep pushing on towards exams!