Another year over?!

What do you do when you realise Uni is over for another year? I had my last exam on Thursday last week, so have been free for almost a week now, and it’s weird. It’s such an anticlimax to finish exams, to not know what to do without the stress driving you forward, or what to do with all your new free time. Here are some tips:

Visit the Rowden White Library and borrow lots of DVDs to watch. Seasons of TV shows! Borrow more than you think you’ll need, you can always renew online!

Following on, read a book. Play a video game. Do some of those things you couldn’t do before without feeling guilty during semester, you deserve it!

Catch up with friends when you’re not bumping into them between classes. It’s summer so there are heaps of things to do outside! I went to the beach with some friends on the weekend, to Carlton Gardens one afternoon and am having a picnic with some others tomorrow. It’s so nice to spend quality time with friends you might not get to see very much, especially those who don’t go to Uni.

Work heaps to save up for an exchange trip to Italy! I’ve submitted my exchange application so now I have to save the money to go in six months. Airfares won’t buy themselves so I’ll be depositing in that high-interest bank account!

Check my.unimelb every day (multiple times each day if you’re like me!) to see if your grades have been uploaded! It’s an anxious wait to find out if you aced your exams as marks are released gradually as they’re finalised by each subject. You never know whether your average grade will have changed when you login. Did it go up or down???

Clean your room. There are papers and books everywhere, my room is in desperate need of it’s semesterly clean-out where everything goes in the top of the wardrobe and out of sight. It’s there if I ever need it again, but better to be off my desk. And my floor.

Plan for next year. What breadth will I do? Which subjects are available and which are not offered any more (check out the 2018 handbook) Do I take Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning as my Computing elective? So many decisions, so make sure you choose and reenrol by the December 8 deadline!

Play Christmas Songs. It’s that time of year, have a great holiday everyone! Raph 😊

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