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  1. Switcheroo

    Going into the second year is a significant step for any Uni student, with experiences varying for each of us. That being said, most probably won’t have as turbulent of a shift as mine. Switching courses proved to be a challenging ordeal, but I’m glad to say that I’ve actually transferred, as of the start of this semester, […]

  2. Busy Bee (Bella)

    Hi readers! Sorry for the long time, and no see (or, should I say, read)! I’ve been really busy with my internship and classes, and am excited to share with you all what I’ve been up to. This semester, I’m taking my two required Psychology subjects, Cognitive Psychology and Personality and Social Psychology. We got […]

  3. I got an internship! (Bella)

    Hi all, hope Week 5 is treating you well so far. I had a French test this morning… I’m glad it’s all done now, haha! So, here’s my exciting news: I got an internship! I think this will be a wonderful complement to my university studies and I’m so excited to embark on this new […]

  4. Things I Learnt in First Year, that I Employed in 2nd Year, to Have a Great Start to the Semester! (Bella)

    So, that title felt longer than a 2-hour tute. HOWEVER, it is really what I wanted to get across! So, without further ado, here are 3 things I’ve learnt that hopefully you can learn from too… 1. Those people that look like they’ve been friends for ages… might have actually only just met At uni, […]

  5. Different this Time Around? (Hiruni)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Ahem, well, it’s not my actual birthday but semester 2 marks my 1 year anniversary of blogging with First_Year@Unimelb and Back for Seconds. In true jaffy fashion, my first post was a hopeful declaration of the changes I would implement after a semester of testing out the waters. You know, like a […]

  6. Back Again! (Hiruni)

    Can I make up for weeks without an update with a single post? No. Will I attempt to anyway? Yes 🙂   Like every semester before it, this one is slowly coming to be defined by what assessment I have due that week, and that’s without counting the horrors that are the final exams looming […]

  7. A Guide to Careers & Employment (Part 2- Careers Fair) (Hiruni)

    As promised, here is part 2 of my guide to the Careers and Employment services at the university. With the Careers Fair occurring a few weeks ago and the application period for internships opening quite soon, I thought I’d post about career decisions and opportunities more specific to second year and beyond. The University offered three […]

  8. A Guide to Careers & Employment (Part 1) (Hiruni)

    I’m hoping that my neglecting to post for a while can be excused this time, because I’ve got some exciting resources for you to try! (Well, as exciting as writing resumes and planning your career can be…). If, like I did, you spent your whole high school career focusing on study rather than employment, the […]

  9. Holiday? What Holiday? (Hiruni)

    After a hectic exam period and an almost non-existent vacation due to my summer subject (more on that later), it feels great to get back into blogging, especially if it means venting to all my readers! Part of getting my life back on track meant that I had to cancel some of my vacation time […]

  10. I will definitely need a gap year after I graduate.

    The Melbourne Model is super great for people who know they wanna study but don’t know what they want to do with their lives. I wasn’t one of those people. I knew exactly what I wanted out of my BA. I would major in English and Creative Writing, go on to a Masters of Creative […]

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