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  1. Chapter Eighteen: MAST30022 Decision Making (~jinghan)

    I get my MAST30022 Decisions Making assignment back (surprisingly within the week: this lecturer is on the ball!): full marks! It was a very short simple one that doesn’t count for too many marks but still a good sign! Except… I find it highly ironic that I am doing well in a subject call Decision Making when […]

  2. A short post, in which I feel a little resigned, before going back to writing this bloody assignment.

    This post is largely going to be full of complaints about things I don’t have much control over. 3 years! Or, at least, nearly 3 years. What will I do with myself? I thought I’d know by now. All I really know is that I want to help people – somehow – or maybe go […]

  3. *Flashy music for a flashy entrance* (Silvia)

    After the tragedy of last semester’s results, I vowed to devote my mind, body and soul to my studies. I saw myself butt-superglued-to-chair with a pile of textbooks and notes in front of me. I saw myself scribbling away into the wee hours of the night and waking up at the crack of dawn to […]

  4. Chapter Fourteen: Beyond Uni… What to do with one’s life… (~jinghan)

    Note from the Author: First, you’ll be glad to know that this will actually be a somewhat relatively emotionally sober post… Second, you’ll be disappointed to know that this post probably has more questions than answers, despite what the title suggests…  “I’ve done something really stupid, Jinghan!” “What happened?” “I miss the first round of law […]

  5. Long time, no see [Daniel]

    I’ve been travelling around Europe for the last month, after a year of saving. And… It’s been good I’ve learnt things, seen globalisation to a crazy extent (Toblerone is apparently a specialty in Qatar), and enjoyed the hospitality of past friends and acquaintances. I’d recommend it for anyone who has the time (money) or the […]

  6. On track (Silvia)

    I still remember last year’s disastrous exams and my vow to never let procrastination dominate my life again. It didn’t hold up most of the time but I’m not as bad as I was last year. I start assignments well before they’re due and I study for quizzes and tests instead of googling answers or […]

  7. I Don’t Want to be Poor Forever. (Candy)

    It just hit me today (or rather, hit me again) that my present lifestyle does not match my financial aspirations. I’m still spending roundabout the same money as before, but I don’t seem to have anything to show for it right now. I haven’t been in JB Hi-Fi or Dymocks – my usual haunts – […]

  8. Chapter Eight: On Bad Interviews, Homesickness and What’s the Point of Life?

    It’s Tuesday evening, I have a phone interview with Teach for Australia in two hours. I had set aside the time tonight to prepare for the interview, to look over the Teach for Australia mission and collect my thoughts on education. But as I read I become more and more distressed. The questions feel impossible […]

  9. Celebratory Hot Cross Buns (Candy)

    Okay, so. I just finished reading a personal blog of a fellow uni student and I am now left with this urge to really make each and every day of my life as enlightening and fulfilling as one human being can possibly handle. See this blog entry here? I have been scribbling in my diary […]

  10. Mid break [Daniel]

    I had a strong intention to write, That would make things ever so right, But before I could breeze, through what was an ease It was only ever a might   So that sums up an apology or two for not writing everywhere, and instead choosing (very conscientiously) to work and study first, movies and […]

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