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  1. Switcheroo

    Going into the second year is a significant step for any Uni student, with experiences varying for each of us. That being said, most probably won’t have as turbulent of a shift as mine. Switching courses proved to be a challenging ordeal, but I’m glad to say that I’ve actually transferred, as of the start of this semester, […]

  2. So Long, Farewell

    Last week, brings an end to my second year journey, and also this lovely blog community, ‘Back For Seconds’. It has been a crazy year indeed, but it was so worth it. If I can summarise my second year life, it was a rollercoaster, yet again, both emotional, and physically. I can strongly remember how […]

  3. The End is Thy Near

    No time, no see readers! I have been super duper busy lately. Mainly, the workload has been off the charts after the sixth week of semester two. It has been crazy. Today, all of my assessments are FINISHED. DONE! I’m really happy. Now, I just need to focus on my recital exam, which is coming up next week. […]

  4. Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Turn and Face the Strange)

    Week 1 finished, and boy to be honest, I cannot wait until this week is gone. From what I can tell, changes has occurred once again. New timetable, longer practise hours, new schedule, new work hours, new everything. The one thing I’m most happy, and are most super welcoming that doesn’t change is the people around […]

  5. Back for Second S(emester) – Bella

    Woohoo! First week  =  complete (yes, it’s only Thursday night, but I’m an Arts student). I have had an awesome first week back for semester two. Monday I had my first lecture back in the beautiful, shiny and new Arts West! I’ve only been waiting for this building for, like, 1 and a half years, hahaha. […]

  6. My Fears Before Semester Starts (Recital Preparation)

    These past couple of days, and possibly weeks, I have been thinking and worrying about what I’ll be facing these next twelve weeks ahead. I might have been overthinking, but from what I had faced this time last year with my recital preparation has made an impact in my life, all the good, bad and […]

  7. Level up! (Bella)

    Hey everyone! So, it’s SWOTVAC time! Unlike last year, I am not sitting in the library frantically making flashcards at the last minute. I started early, and am feeling (somewhat) more relaxed this time around. Basically, I have three essays due on Monday, an exam Tuesday morning, another essay due on Thursday (2000 words in […]

  8. Turnitin Glitch? (Nicole)

    Imagine this, you have successfully written a 2000 word essay in two days, and submitted your essay on turnitin like a boss… while feeling mentally exhausted from formulating ideas into academic sentences. Then, two weeks later, you were excited on going to check your results on the LMS. Things started to go a little odd […]


    I swear, I didn’t expect that Thursday was the end of semester one for me. 😂 I hope you had a good chuckle at this, but it was taken by surprise when I realise that Thursday was my last lecture of this semester. Probably the reason why I felt surprised was how much I been […]

  10. Ahh! Week 12! (Bella)

    Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s Week 12 already. No way! Everything is pretty hectic at the moment, but I am pleased to say that I have had my best semester of uni yet. After spending first year trialing study habits that worked (and some that didn’t) I am actually feeling somewhat confident (I know right!?) for […]

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