Classics & Archaeology Postgraduate Society

The Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Society is a social and academic hub for postgraduate students studying everything from Near Eastern prehistoric archaeology to the army of the late Roman Empire. Postgraduate research is inherently solitary, so the Society attempts to break the idea that a postgraduate must be a lone student in a library carrel obscured by piles of monographs and journals by offering opportunities to get away from the books.

At University House during a lunch celebrating with Dr Brent Davis after he received the Michael Ventris Award, 2019

In 2022, the Society’s office-holders are Tom Keep (President), Robyn Cooper (Secretary), Chloe Stringer (Treasurer), Emily Simons (General), Anastasia Vass (General) and Chris Biagi (General).

The Society organises fun and exciting events with the funding and support it receives from the Graduate Student Association and SHAPS. These events include academic learning and networking opportunities, such as lunches with visiting scholars or interactive workshops to explore and debate particular issues and phenomena in our discipline. We also organise social events, such as a visit to an Ancient Egypt-themed escape room or picnics with the other postgraduate societies at the University of Melbourne.

At local restaurant The Last Jar, celebrating recent Masters graduates Alex Elliot and Dan Zhao, who have both been accepted into PhD programs, 2019

The Society also facilitates a mentoring program with Honours students who are thinking about pursuing further studies, as well as funding and supporting the ancient and modern language reading groups. Overall, the Society makes the experience of being a postgraduate student highly enjoyable.

The Society can be contacted via email or on Facebook.

On the South Lawn at the University of Melbourne with visiting scholar Costas Panayotakis, University of Glasgow, and the statue, Charity Being Kind to the Poor, 2019