Classics & Archaeology Postgraduate Society

The Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Society brings together students researching the literary and material remains of the ancient world. Our values are twofold:

  1. foster a relaxed social environment through the organisation of social events and interdisciplinary workshops, and
  2. support postgraduates academically, through the promotion of research opportunities and student advocacy.

Society Events

The C&A society organises both social and scholastic events, funded jointly by the Graduate Student Association and SHAPS. Such events range from methodological workshops to pub nights and spring balls. Given the largely independent nature of postgraduate research, these events offer a welcome chance for students to socialise and spend time outside of their academic pursuits. 

Polaroid photos from a recent social event hosted by the Classics & Archaeology Postgraduate Society at University House, 2024

Academic Initiatives

Alongside our social agenda, the C&A society facilitates research-based activities, including study workshops and language reading groups. Further, we play an important role in student advocacy, fostering a line of communication between research candidates and university administrators. In sum, the C&A society works to enrich the student experience for current candidates, and to shape a better future for incoming researchers.

Classics & Archaeology Postgraduate Society members participating in a pottery-drawing workshop held in 2023, directed by archaeology PhD candidate Laura Pisanu

Executive Committee

The 2024 C&A Committee is overseen by a dedicated group of individuals in the following positions: 

Tayla Newland: President 

Christian Hjorth Bagger: Secretary

Dan Crowley: Treasurer

Anastasia Vassiliadis: General Executive 

Emily Tour: General Executive 

Noah Wellington: General Executive

We can be contacted via email or on Facebook.