Category: School Life

  1. Greek & Latin Reading Groups

    The Ancient Greek and Latin reading groups, convened by Dr Edward Jeremiah, are held in-person on Tuesdays person at the Parkville campus from 12–1 pm (Greek) and 1–2pm (Latin), in the Classics Reading Room 511, Level 5 Arts West (west wing) In Semester One 2024, the texts being read are: Latin: Moreschini’s Teubner edition of Boethius’s On […]

  2. Classics & Archaeology Ancient World Seminar Series

    The Ancient World Seminar Series, hosted by the Classics & Archaeology Program, is aimed at a broad audience, from academics to students to members of the public. The seminars are based on current research done in the School, and everyone is welcome to attend. Speakers are asked to present on topics having to do with […]

  3. History Brown Bag Seminar Series

    The History Brown Bag Seminar Series brings together a lively variety of history papers on any region of the world and on periods from the Early Modern era to present, with a diversity of methodologies including historians from outside the History discipline (e.g., Economics, Law and Medicine). The program includes postgraduate completion seminars, research presentations […]

  4. History & Philosophy of Science Seminar Series

    The History and Philosophy of Science program runs a weekly seminar series from 12 noon to 1pm on Wednesdays during semester. All are welcome to attend! You can find information about the location of seminars, a schedule of forthcoming talks, as well as details of past presentations, on the HPS website. Remote attendance options are available for most […]

  5. Philosophy Thursday Seminar

    The Philosophy Thursday Seminar Series features presentations by SHAPS Philosophy staff and collaborators in Melbourne, and from across Australia and the world. The range of issues covered in the seminar — from formal epistemology to the history of philosophy — reflects the variety of work done in the School. Enquiries about subscribing to the mailing […]

  6. Textiles & Fashion Research Group Seminar Series

    Initiated in 2014 in the School of Historical & Philosophical Studies, the Textiles and Fashion Research Group (formerly the Textiles Reading Group) draws together academics, curators, textile experts and fashion creatives working across a varied range of fields, from Renaissance modes of luxury, dress in China, Islamic textiles, and early modern undergarments, to Australian colonial […]

  7. The Early Modern Circle

    The Early Modern Circle is an informal, interdisciplinary seminar group open to interested students, academics and researchers. Seminars are presented by scholars, both established and emerging, national and international, working in the field of Early Modern Studies broadly conceived, whether in History, Art History, Literature, Music, and so on. Its activities are linked to the […]

  8. Melbourne Logic Seminar

    The Melbourne Logic Seminar meets on Zoom on scheduled days from 11am to 1pm as of March 2020. It’s an active research seminar in logic and related fields, with active participants from universities across Melbourne. The seminar is currently convened by Dr Shawn Standefer. Information about the talks, including the zoom meeting room URL, is […]

  9. The HPS Podcast

    The HPS Podcast shares fascinating contemporary research in History and Philosophy of Science with those outside the discipline. Each episode is designed to be short, engaging and entertaining. Covering a wide range of topics, this is a podcast for anyone with a fascination for history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, human inquiry and those who simply wish to […]

  10. Working Fathers Podcast

    Working Fathers is a podcast about dads, families and work. We look at the many different roles fathers play in contemporary Australian families and society and how policy can better recognise, value and support. Created by a team including History & Philosophy of Science staff members from University of Melbourne, together with academics from and […]

  11. Classics & Archaeology Postgraduate Society

    The Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Society brings together students researching the literary and material remains of the ancient world. Our values are twofold: Society Events The C&A society organises both social and scholastic events, funded jointly by the Graduate Student Association and SHAPS. Such events range from methodological workshops to pub nights and spring balls. […]

  12. Melbourne University Classics & Archaeology Students Society

    Melbourne University Classics & Archaeology Students Society (MUCLASS) is a club for anyone interested in ancient history, mythology, archaeology or the Classics. We run a broad range of social and academic events, including trivia nights, museum visits, board game sessions, and film screenings. Our committee structure is based on the ancient Roman cursus honorum, or […]

  13. Student Conservators at Melbourne

    Student Conservators at Melbourne (SC@M) is the student group for the Master of Cultural Materials Conservation program at the Grimwade Centre, University of Melbourne. Our members are student conservators and alumni from a variety of backgrounds including the Arts, Humanities and Sciences. We act as a liaison between students and the academic faculty and organise […]

  14. History Postgraduate Association

    Led by a committee elected annually in June by the History postgraduate cohort, the History Postgraduate Association (HPA) is committed to improving the experience of History students. We build solidarity and cohesion through events and activities, represent the voice of History postgraduate students, and provide avenues of communication between History students and our colleagues in SHAPS, the Faculty of Arts, and the Graduate Student Association. Every semester the HPA convenes a seminar […]

  15. UniMelb History Society

    Since its establishment in 2017, the History Society has been tirelessly dedicated to upholding its central mission of promoting the study of history at the University of Melbourne, and creating an inclusive and welcoming community for students who have an interest in history. To this end, we run a number of educational and social events. […]

  16. Indonesia Postgraduate Network (IPN)

    The Indonesia Postgraduate Network (IPN) aims to support mutual understanding and cultivate support networks between postgraduate students in Australia in Indonesia, bringing together and encouraging collaboration between postgraduate students from the University of Melbourne, Universitas Indonesia and Universitas Gadjah Mada. We plan to have our first series of Peer Support Group discussions within the next couple […]

  17. Philosophy Postgraduate Group

    The Philosophy Postgraduate Group (PPG) is a student society dedicated to the promotion of philosophy at the postgraduate level at the University of Melbourne. The main function of the PPG is to administer the Tuesday afternoon colloquium series – a forum where students can get feedback on their work, enhance their professional development and contribute […]

  18. Melbourne University Philosophy Society

    The Melbourne University Philosophy Society (MUPS) is a student society focused on promoting and building the philosophy community at the University. We run weekly events that are open to all year levels with the aim of providing a safe and encouraging environment for people to discuss and debate the great philosophical questions. We are always […]

  19. Fellows & Friends of History

    The SHAPS Fellows and Friends of History Group started in 2005, when a group of retired academics, historians, classicists and archaeologists met monthly to discuss their current research. We all continue our research work, publishing books, book chapters, journal articles and book reviews, as well as in various online journals and other forums. We are […]

  20. Emporium

    Emporium is a research hub based at the University of Melbourne, dedicated to the long and rich histories of consumption, production, and consumer practices across time and space. It is premised on the understanding that all economic activity is culturally embedded. The hub is focused around four core research areas: Luxury, Advertising, Food, and Textiles. All […]

  21. Melbourne History Workshop

    Melbourne History Workshop is a studio-based research collaboratory in the History Program at the University of Melbourne under the direction of Professor Andrew May. It taps the pooled expertise of staff, research higher degree students and affiliates in order to provide innovative and rigorously-applied historical research, postgraduate training, industry collaboration and community-facing projects. The Workshop’s […]

  22. Russian for Historians

    This summer (2020–2021), we are offering a special series of free workshops for students who have studied some Russian and would like to improve their skills in reading and interpreting Russian texts. The workshops are tailored for those with an interest in going on to pursue research on Russian history, at the undergraduate or postgraduate […]

  23. AICCM Bulletin

    The AICCM Bulletin encourages the submission of original and quality papers, including research reports, discussion papers, literature surveys, thematic bibliographies, summaries of research papers and dissertations. The AICCM Bulletin is a hard copy and online peer reviewed journal produced by the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM) since 1975 and is now published by Taylor […]

  24. Classics & Archaeology Library

    The Classics & Archaeology discipline within SHAPS has a unique resource for its researchers: our Classics & Archaeology Library. Housed mainly in Arts West 511 West Wing (the Classics Reading Room), the Library is a boutique non-lending research library for academic staff, honorary fellows, postgraduates, Honours students, and academic visitors. The C&A Library collection began […]

  25. Ancient Near Eastern Studies

    Ancient Near Eastern Studies (formerly Abr-Nahrain) is a refereed journal with original articles devoted to the languages and cultures of the ancient Near East. The geographical area on which it primarily focuses includes the modern lands of Egypt, Israel, West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf […]

  26. Australian Historical Studies

    Australian Historical Studies is the oldest historical journal in Australia. It was first published in 1940 in the Department of History at the University of Melbourne. The journal deals with all aspects of the Australian past in all its forms – heritage and conservation, archaeology, visual display in museums and galleries, oral history, family history […]

  27. Chariot

    Chariot is an undergraduate history journal at the University of Melbourne, created by and for students since 2018. The journal provides a space for students to engage with history in their own way, publishing online and in print. Online submissions are always open. We consider essays, commentaries, reviews, and creative pieces (including short fiction, poetry and […]

  28. Iris

    Iris is the journal of the Classical Association of Victoria (CAV). Founded in 1912, the CAV operates for the propagation and wellbeing of Classics and Ancient World Studies in the state of Victoria in Australia. The new series of the journal was founded in 1988. The current journal Editor is Dr Andrew J. Turner, Honorary […]

  29. Journal of the Institute of Conservation

    Published since 1977 the Journal of the Institute of Conservation is the peer reviewed publication of the UK’s Institute of Conservation (ICON) and is edited by Dr Jonathan Kemp, Grimwade Centre Associate Lecturer. The aims of the Journal are to: promote research, knowledge and understanding of cultural heritage conservation through its history, practice and theory; […]

  30. Kylix

    Kylix is a new student journal publishing work written and edited by students at the University of Melbourne. The journal provides an opportunity for undergraduate students of Classics and Ancient World Studies to gain experience in preparing work for publication and acts as a showcase of exemplary student work. Kylix seeks to publish exceptional and […]

  31. Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society

    The Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society (JSPPS) is a bi-annual interdisciplinary journal that was launched in 2015 as a companion journal to the Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society book series (founded 2004 and edited by Andreas Umland). Like the book series, the journal provides an interdisciplinary forum for new original research on […]

  32. Melbourne Historical Journal

    Published since 1961, Melbourne Historical Journal (MHJ) is a refereed journal for the publication of Australian, Aotearoa/New Zealand and Pacific postgraduate and early career scholars working in history. It is open to new approaches and aims to present original graduate and ECA work to a wide and responsive readership. MHJ is not limited to Australian topics nor […]

  33. The Melbourne Journal of Technical Studies in Art

    The Melbourne Journal of Technical Studies in Art is an essential tool for conservators, curators, art dealers and art historians. The journal is a unique reference in Australia, publishing valuable first generation research in technical and conservation studies in Australia. It provides access to important research being carried out in conservation, art history and the […]

  34. Grimwade Conservation Services

    Grimwade Conservation Services specialises in all areas of art restoration and museum standard conservation to institutions and private clients. Programs include: conservation treatments and restoration of all types of materials; collection surveys; conservation strategy plans; disaster preparedness plans; research; and technical analysis. Our client base includes: national, state, regional and rural public collection and cultural […]

  35. Scroll: A Journal by Student Conservators at Melbourne

    Scroll is a journal published by students of the Grimwade Centre of Cultural Materials Conservation (Student Conservators at Melbourne SC@M). They publish under a range of categories, including essays, reviews, interviews, reports, and other creative outputs. Contributions are welcome from current and recent graduates of the Grimwade Centre, as well as from graduates in Art […]

  36. Sophia

    Since its founding in 1962 by Max Charlesworth and Graeme De Graaff in the then Department of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, Sophia has provided a forum for discussions in philosophy and religion, focusing on the interstices between metaphysics and critical theological thinking. The discussions encompass the wider ambience of the sciences (‘natural’ philosophy […]