The Early Modern Circle

The Early Modern Circle is an informal, interdisciplinary seminar group open to interested students, academics and researchers. Seminars are presented by scholars, both established and emerging, national and international, working in the field of Early Modern Studies broadly conceived, whether in History, Art History, Literature, Music, and so on. Its activities are linked to the Early Modern Studies Research Hub at the University of Melbourne.

The group meets at 6:15 pm for an hour, generally on the third Monday of the month, during semester. Seminars are usually held in the William Macmahon Ball Theatre, Old Arts 107. At the conclusion of the seminar paper, all are invited to gather for dinner at a nearby restaurant.

The Early Modern Circle is currently convened by Catherine Kovesi, Jenny Spinks and Matthew Champion. Expressions of interest for presenting a paper can be sent to any of the convenors through the email links on their name. The program of the year’s seminars is circulated at the start of each academic year and is available on online.

To be added to the mailing list, please email Andrew Stephenson.