Category: Seminars

  1. Classics & Archaeology Ancient World Seminar Series

    The Ancient World Seminar Series, hosted by the Classics & Archaeology Program, is aimed at a broad audience, from academics to students to members of the public. The seminars are based on current research done in the School, and everyone is welcome to attend. Speakers are asked to present on topics having to do with […]

  2. History Brown Bag Seminar Series

    The History Brown Bag Seminar Series brings together a lively variety of history papers on any region of the world and on periods from the Early Modern era to present, with a diversity of methodologies including historians from outside the History discipline (e.g., Economics, Law and Medicine). The program includes postgraduate completion seminars, research presentations […]

  3. History & Philosophy of Science Seminar Series

    The History and Philosophy of Science program runs a weekly seminar series from 12 noon to 1pm on Wednesdays during semester. All are welcome to attend! You can find information about the location of seminars, a schedule of forthcoming talks, as well as details of past presentations, on the HPS website. Remote attendance options are available for most […]

  4. Philosophy Thursday Seminar

    The Philosophy Thursday Seminar Series features presentations by SHAPS Philosophy staff and collaborators in Melbourne, and from across Australia and the world. The range of issues covered in the seminar — from formal epistemology to the history of philosophy — reflects the variety of work done in the School. Enquiries about subscribing to the mailing […]

  5. Textiles & Fashion Research Group Seminar Series

    Initiated in 2014 in the School of Historical & Philosophical Studies, the Textiles and Fashion Research Group (formerly the Textiles Reading Group) draws together academics, curators, textile experts and fashion creatives working across a varied range of fields, from Renaissance modes of luxury, dress in China, Islamic textiles, and early modern undergarments, to Australian colonial […]

  6. The Early Modern Circle

    The Early Modern Circle is an informal, interdisciplinary seminar group open to interested students, academics and researchers. Seminars are presented by scholars, both established and emerging, national and international, working in the field of Early Modern Studies broadly conceived, whether in History, Art History, Literature, Music, and so on. Its activities are linked to the […]

  7. Melbourne Logic Seminar

    The Melbourne Logic Seminar meets on Zoom on scheduled days from 11am to 1pm as of March 2020. It’s an active research seminar in logic and related fields, with active participants from universities across Melbourne. The seminar is currently convened by Dr Shawn Standefer. Information about the talks, including the zoom meeting room URL, is […]