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  1. Madaline Harris-Schober

    Madaline Harris-Schober (PhD in Classics & Archaeology, 2023) ‘Ritual Architecture, Material Culture and Practice of the Philistines’ This thesis focuses on the recognition of cult and ritual in the Late Bronze Age [LBA] to Iron Age (1175–586 BCE) Levant. It is concerned with the identification and elucidation of ritual architecture, material culture and practices based […]

  2. Elena Heran

    Elena Heran (PhD in Classics & Archaeology, 2023), ‘Sidelining the Feminine in Ovid’s Metamorphoses’ This thesis answers two key questions regarding the treatment of gender in Ovid’s Metamorphoses: 1) How does the poem utilise mythical narratives in order to explore peculiarly Roman masculine concerns and anxieties, such as fatherhood, the transition from boy to man, the […]

  3. A Settlement for the Ages at Rabati, Southwest Georgia

    The Rabati project is part of the long-running GAIA (Georgian-Australian Investigations in Archaeology) initiative, founded by Tony and Claudia Sagona of the University of Melbourne with collaborators from the Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi. In June and July 2022, GAIA conducted its fourth season of excavations at Rabati in the historically important and visually stunning […]

  4. Think you know your Ancient History?

    If you can identify your per se from your id est, or rattle off the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, test your wits against our Classics knowledge experts, Roslynne Bell and Tim Parkin from SHAPS, and get your brain warmed up for the real-life Classics Quiz on 23 November. Republished from Pursuit. Answers are […]

  5. An Interview with Associate Professor James Chong-Gossard

    SHAPS belatedly, if most cordially, congratulates James Chong-Gossard on his promotion to Associate Professor of Classics. James Harvey Kim On Chong-Gossard (affectionately known as K.O.) was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Ohio, went to grad school at the renowned University of Michigan and taught at Kalamazoo College, before migrating to Melbourne a little over […]

  6. The SHAPS Hellenic Ball

    This winter, SHAPS undergraduate student societies came together to embark on an ambitious and rewarding undertaking. Abigail Banister-Jones, Co-Consul/President of MUCLASS (Melbourne University Classics & Archaeology Student Society), reports on the inaugural SHAPS Ball below. Where else does one throw a ball for classics, history and philosophy students but the Hellenic Museum? Surrounded by artefacts […]

  7. Domestic Violence and the Law in Ancient Rome

    Ancient Rome didn’t have specific domestic violence legislation – but the laws they did have give us a window into a world of abuse. In this article, republished from the Conversation, SHAPS's Tim Parkin and Ash Finn, together with University of Sydney's Eleanor Cowan and Kimberly Harris; and Kirsten Parkin (University of Cambridge), discusses evidence for family violence in the Roman world and legal frameworks that both enabled and addressed it. Readers are advised this story includes depictions of domestic violence and violence against women and children.

  8. MAARC 2022 Conference Report

    On 31 January-2 February 2022, SHAPS hosted the second Mediterranean Archaeology Australasian Research Community (MAARC) online conference. This event brought together researchers, students and ancient world enthusiasts from across the globe to share in some of the most recent and exciting updates in the Mediterranean archaeology space. Emily Tour (PhD candidate, Classics & Archaeology) shares […]

  9. Athanasios Matanis

    Athanasios Matanis (MA in Classics & Archaeology, 2022) ‘Beyond an Antagonistic Approach: the Role of Universalism in the Formation of Koine Culture’ Classical scholarship has tended to emphasise dichotomies and polarity when addressing the topic of Greek/non-Greek relations in antiquity. This anachronistic paradigm however is insufficient for understanding the multidimensional nature of Greek/non-Greek interactions and […]

  10. MUCLASS in 2021

    Melbourne University Classics and Archaeology Students Society (MUCLASS) is a club for anyone interested in ancient history, mythology, archaeology or the Classics. They run a broad range of social and academic events, including trivia nights, museum visits, board game sessions, and film screenings. In this profile, we look at their achievements in 2021 and plans […]

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