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  1. Introducing Dr Monique Webber, Teaching Specialist in Ancient World Studies

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Monique Webber as Teaching Specialist in Ancient World Studies. In this role, Dr Webber will coordinate a suite of subjects: Myth, Art and Empire: Greece and Rome (ANCW10002); Classical Mythology (ANCW20015); and Underworld and Afterlife (ANCW30011). Specialising in Object-Based Learning and Digital Humanities, Monique is a skilled […]

  2. Mediterranean Archaeologists Gather Online

    In January 2021, over 200 archaeologists of the Mediterranean came together online for the inaugural Mediterranean Archaeology Australasian Research Community (MAARC) conference. The digital conference, organised by Gijs Tol, Emily Simons, Madaline Harris-Schober, and Larissa Tittl (Classics & Archaeology) surpassed all expectations in numbers of participants and sheer diversity of papers. Emily and Maddi report […]

  3. Classics on YouTube: An Interview with John Henry

    In 2018, current MA candidate in Classics John Henry created his own YouTube channel, Foxwede History, where he delivers mini-lectures on myth, literature and history through his alter ego, Dr Eldon Foxwede. Beautifully produced and presented with humour and creativity, his videos have drawn an audience from many different countries. We spoke with John about […]

  4. Introducing MAARC: A New Network for Mediterranean Archaeologists in Australasia

    In 2020, Gijs Tol (University of Melbourne) and Jeremy Armstrong (University of Auckland) led a new initiative aimed at bringing together Australasian archaeologists of the Mediterranean. The result is a new organisation, MAARC (Mediterranean Archaeologists of Australasia Research Community). MAARC is set to hold its inaugural annual meeting, hosted by the University of Melbourne (in […]

  5. Spotlight on Postgraduate Research in Classics

    Read about some of the fascinating doctoral projects currently underway in Classics and Ancient History, courtesy of the Classics & Archaeology Postgraduate Society. The Society’s committee members gathered these profiles together as part of their August 2020 Classics Week initiative, designed to make up for the loss of the usual March 2020 Classics Week, which […]

  6. Other Awful Years in History

    Around the world, people can’t wait for 2020 to end. COVID-19 has killed close to a million people globally over the course of the pandemic. On top of the coronavirus, there’s been significant floods in Uganda, Kenya, Pakistan and the UK, Australia has experienced devastating bush fires, storms have battered the Americas, and locusts have […]

  7. Welcome Dr Lieve Donnellan!

    This semester we welcome Dr Lieve Donnellan, incoming Lecturer in Classical Archaeology. Lieve comes to the university from her previous role as Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. After graduating in archaeology from Ghent University in 2012, Lieve held various fellowships and positions at the Universities of Chicago, Göttingen […]

  8. Volcanic Winter and Pandemic Pandemonium

    A terrible onslaught of bubonic plague in the sixth century abruptly ended Emperor Justinian’s dream of reunifying the Roman empire and caused massive geopolitical upheaval. Associate Professor Frederik Vervaet from Classics & Archaeology tells us more about this ancient pandemic and its consequences in this article republished from Pursuit. In 527 CE, when Emperor Justinian […]

  9. Chris Bendle

    Chris Bendle, ‘The Office of Magister Militum in the 4th Century CE: A Study into the Political and Military History of the Later Roman Empire’ (MA in Classics & Archaeology, 2020) The magistri militum were the highest-ranking generals of the late Roman imperial army. Emperor Constantine I created this office in the early part of […]

  10. The Inaugural SHAPS Optimus Awards

    In 2019 SHAPS Head of School Professor Margaret Cameron launched a new set of annual awards. Through the Optimus Awards, SHAPS will recognise and celebrate members of our community who exemplify one or more of the values articulated in the Faculty of Arts Strategy Map 2019–2025. All members of the School community, including undergraduate and […]

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