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  1. Revisiting Augustus’s Alternative Truth

    Twentieth-century bronze statue of the Roman Emperor Augustus, erected by Mussolini, Via dei Fori Imperiali, Rome, 2018. Photograph © Donna Storey

    In October 2018 the inimitable Associate Professor Frederik Vervaet presented a riveting public lecture entitled “‘Monarch by Universal Consent’: Revisiting Augustus’ Alternative Truth”, as part of the 2018 Truth SHAPS Public Lecture series

  2. Unlocking Ancient Scripts: 2019 Michael Ventris Award winner, Brent Davis

    Brent Davis (left) excavating at Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel, the site of a major Philistine city: the regional headdress called the 'kaffiyah' is very practical in this hot and dry climate. Photograph © Richard Wiskin, 2013

    SHAPS Classics & Archaeology lecturer Dr Brent Davis was recently awarded the prestigious Michael Ventris Award for Mycenaean Studies. He spoke with Nicole Davis about his research.

  3. A Year in Melbourne

    Professor Tim Parkin’s reflections on his first year as Tatoulis Chair in Classics The reason the Greeks and Romans remain fascinating and significant to us in …

  4. Honouring the Life and Work of Tony Sagona

    Antonio Sagona, 2011. Photograph © Claudia Sagona

    Free-threshing wheat, a small piece of inscribed banded agate, the myth of Jason and Medea… are all elements in the stories told by presenters at a recent Classics and Archaeology symposium devoted to the legacy of the late Emeritus Professor Antonio (Tony) Sagona.

  5. An Aegean Adventure: Kellie Youngs on her Jessie Webb Scholarship

    Research into glass and faience objects from Cyprus in the late Bronze Age involves more than digging into the ancient past. Kellie Youngs reflects on her research and time in Greece.

  6. Classics & Archaeology Ancient World Seminar Series

    The Ancient World Seminar Series, hosted by the Classics & Archaeology Program, is aimed at a broad audience, from academics to students to members of the …

  7. Classics & Archaeology Postgraduate Society

    The Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Society is a social and academic hub for postgraduate students studying everything from Near Eastern prehistoric archaeology to the army of …

  8. Melbourne University Classics & Archaeology Students Society

    Melbourne University Classics & Archaeology Students Society (MUCLASS) is a club for anyone interested in ancient history, mythology, archaeology or the Classics. We run a broad …

  9. German & Aegean Postgraduate Reading Groups

    Historical research is published across the globe in a number of languages other than English, and one must be able to read these works. Postgraduate students …

  10. Emporium Roman Studies Research Network

    Emporium is a research network by and for postgraduates in the field of Roman studies, led by Ash Finn and Giovanni Piccolo at University of Melbourne. …

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