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  1. David Henry

    ‘Creating Space to Listen: Museums, Participation and Intercultural Dialogue’ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis examined the emergence, practice, and social meaning of intercultural dialogue as participatory practice in museums. I based my research on a project I worked on at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum called Talking Difference, which invited participants to record video questions and […]

  2. Mike Jones

    ‘Documenting Artefacts and Archives in the Relational Museum’ (PhD in History, 2019). This cross-disciplinary thesis explores the history of archives and collections description in contemporary museums, with a particular focus on the mid-1960s to the present. Looking at changing technologies through case studies including Museums Victoria and comparative Australian, American and British institutions, it examines […]

  3. Max Kaiser

    ‘Between Nationalism and Assimilation: Jewish Antifascism in Australia in the Late 1940s and Early 1950s‘ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis argues that Jewish antifascism was a major political and cultural force in Australian Jewish communities in the 1940s and early 1950s. It charts the emergence of a non-nationalist and anti-assimilationist Australian Jewish antifascist political […]

  4. Niro Kandasamy

    ‘The Craft of Belonging: Exploring the Resettlement Experiences of Young Tamil Survivors of Sri Lanka’s Civil War‘ (PhD in History, 2019). Belonging and memory, shaped by social and political conditions of civil war and forced migration, are the central themes of this thesis, which explores the life stories of 36 young Tamil people who arrived […]

  5. Jean McBain

    ‘Liberty, Licentiousness and Libel: The London Newspaper 1695–1742’ (PhD in History, 2019). Press freedom is a principle that has been contested throughout its history. Western democracies hold the liberty of expression dear, and valorise the press as an essential check upon government. But, in the contemporary era, ‘free speech’ and ‘the free press’ are often […]

  6. Molly Mckew

    Molly Mckew, ‘Remembering the Counterculture: Melbourne’s Inner-Urban Alternative Communities of the 1960s and 1970s’ (PhD in History, 2019) In the 1960s and 1970s, a counterculture emerged in Melbourne’s inner-urban suburbs, part of progressive cultural and political shifts that were occurring in Western democracies worldwide. This counterculture sought to enact political and social change through experimenting […]

  7. James Lesh

    ‘At the Intersection of Heritage Preservation, Urban Transformation, and Everyday Life in the Twentieth-Century Australian City’ (PhD in History, 2018). This thesis investigated the history and theory of urban heritage conservation in Australia’s capital cities during the twentieth century. He placed the evolution of Australian urban conservation in its social, cultural and economic contexts both […]

  8. Xavier Ma

    ‘Ground for Knowing: Minerals, Mining Science and the Making of Modern China’s Territory (1860–1937)’ (PhD in History, 2018). The thesis uses mining science (kuangxue) to examine the relationship between science and socio-cultural change in late Qing and early Republican China (1860–1937). It explores the ways in which the theoretical and applied knowledge of minerals and […]

  9. Mia Martin Hobbs

    ‘Nostalgia and the Warzone Home: American and Australian Veterans Return to Việt Nam, 1981–2016′ (PhD in History, 2018). From 1981 to 2016, thousands of Australian and American veterans returned to Việt Nam. In this comparative oral history investigation, I examine why veterans returned and how they reacted to the people and places of Việt Nam—their former enemies, allies, […]

  10. Iain McIntyre

    ‘Tree-sits, Barricades and Lock-ons: Obstructive Direct Action and the History of the Environmental Movement, 1979–1990′ (PhD in History, 2018). During the 1980s the protection of bio-diverse places became a major global issue. In part this resulted from efforts by Indigenous people in a variety of countries to protect and reclaim territories. Challenges to dominant practices […]

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