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  1. Anh Nguyen

    ‘Vietnamese Child Migrants in Australia and the Historical Use of Facebook in Digital Diaspora‘ (PhD in History, 2019) Vietnamese have been a part of Australia’s migrant community since 1975. After more than forty years since the end of the Vietnam War, Vietnamese child migrants, including refugees and adoptees, have grown up with the education and […]

  2. Bethany Phillips-Peddlesden

    ‘Prime Ministers: Gender and Power in Australian Political History, 1902–1975‘ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis offers an historical examination of the relationship between gender, political authority and prime ministers in Australia from Federation to 1975. By analysing contestations of political legitimacy through embodied styles of manhood and the languages of gender, I aim to […]

  3. Sonia Randhawa

    ‘Writing Women: The Women’s Pages of the Malay-Language Press, 1987–1998′ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis investigates depictions of Malay-Muslim women in two Malay-language newspapers, contrasting the portrayals on the women’s pages with how women were depicted on the ‘malestream’ leader and religion pages. The period examined falls between two political storms, the Operasi Lallang […]

  4. Henry Reese

    ‘Colonial Soundscapes: A Cultural History of Sound Recording in Australia, 1880–1930‘ (PhD in History, 2019). ‘Colonial Soundscapes’ is the first cultural history of the early phonograph and gramophone in Australian settler society. Drawing on recent work in sound studies and the history of sound, Henry Reese conceives of the ‘talking machine’ as part of the […]

  5. Kate Rivington

    ‘“Our own worst enemy”: Southern Anti-Slavery Networks and Rhetoric in Early Republic and Antebellum America’ (MA in History, 2019). This thesis examines Southern-born anti-slavery activists. By analysing one hundred anti-slavery Southerners, this thesis illuminates a deeply interconnected network of anti-slavery that was not just limited to the South, but one that intersected with Northern anti-slavery […]

  6. Emma Shortis

    ‘Saving the Last Continent: Environmentalists, Celebrities and States in the Campaign for a World Park Antarctica, 1978–1991’ (PhD in History, 2019). Between 1978 and 1991, the global environmental movement achieved an unparalleled success: overturning a decision to introduce mining in Antarctica and instead securing a comprehensive environmental protection agreement for the entire continent. This study […]

  7. Kartia Snoek

    ‘Marginalised Subjects, Meaningless Naturalizations: The Tiers of Australian Citizenship’ (PhD in History, 2019) From 1901 until 1966 federal legislation in Australia discriminated against people considered by legislators and the judiciary to be ‘aboriginal’ to Australia, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands affecting their social, legal, political and cultural rights. The first of these acts deemed […]

  8. Weiyan Sun

    ‘Culture, Civilization, and Christianity: “Anti-Mission” in Lord Salisbury’s Policy towards India’ (PhD in History, 2019). This research aims to explore the internal tensions of British imperialism by revealing the conflicts over the meanings and values of British civilising mission in India. It expounds the seemingly inconsistent and controversial policy of Lord Salisbury towards India, with […]

  9. Shane Tas

    ‘Soma-Masculinities: Centring the Body within Studies of Masculinities’ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis draws attention to a key blind spot in studies of masculinities and argue that bodies and embodiment must be brought into the frame in a more significant manner. In particular it considers the body through a number of case studies, including […]

  10. Roland Wettenhall

    ‘The Influence of the Friendly Society Movement in Victoria, 1835–1920’ (PhD in History, 2019). Entrepreneurial individuals who migrated seeking adventure, wealth and opportunity initially stimulated friendly societies in Victoria. As seen through the development of friendly societies in Victoria, this thesis examines the migration of an English nineteenth-century culture of self-help. Friendly societies may be […]

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