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  1. History: Russia’s War on Ukraine, Part II

    A video-recording of the second instalment in this series, featuring Associate Professor Olga Bertelsen (Tiffin University), Associate Professor Oxana Shevel (Tufts University) and Professor Serhy Yekelchyk (University of Victoria), speaking on the theme of ‘History’ (29 April 2022).

  2. Why Wait? Treaty and the Federal Election

    First Nations Peoples shouldn’t have to wait for non-Indigenous Australians and the Government to catch up when it comes to committing to Treaty. Julia Hurst from …

  3. Christianity, Colonisation and the Challenge of Māori History

    A video-recording of the 2021 Ernest Scott Lecture, Part II, delivered by Dr Hirini Kaa (October 2021).

  4. Anton Donohoe-Marques

    Anton Donohoe-Marques (PhD in History, 2022), ‘Revisiting Anzac in the Wake of World War Two: Memory and Identity in the Post-War Period, 1945–1960’ This thesis explores …

  5. Hidden Women of History: ‘The Buzzwinker’ Ellen Miles, Child Convict, Goldfields Pickpocket and Vagrant

    As part of a series in the Conversation, looking at under-acknowledged women through the ages, Janet McCalman examines the life of Ellen Miles, a child convict born in 1820s England, told through some of her court appearances throughout her life.

  6. Five Must-Read Books about Russia and Ukraine: Our Expert Picks

    Recently, five experts from universities across Australia – SHAPS’s Mark Edele and Julie Fedor, together with Judith Armstrong (School of Languages & Linguistics, UniMelb), Marko Pavlyshyn …

  7. Inches Apart: Railways & Federation

    History major Patrick Gigacz explores the history of the state borders in Australia through the prism of the 1921 Royal Commission over railway gauges in this …

  8. Stuart Macintyre’s History of the Communist Party of Australia

    “The crimson thread of communism runs through the work of the great, lamented Australian historian, Stuart Macintyre“, late Emeritus Professor in SHAPS. His colleague Professor Sean …

  9. Solidarity with Ukraine

    On 3–5 February 2022, scholars from sixteen countries around the world – 179 participants in all – gathered online for a Ukrainian Studies conference marking the …

  10. ‘National Security’ and Australian Identity

    Dr Mia Martin Hobbs examines the history of the phrase ‘national security’ and its use in Australian public life.

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