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  1. Cuckoldry in Early Modern England

    Early modern English culture displayed an obsession with women’s infidelity and anxieties around the shame this brought on their husbands. History major Joseph Moorhead explored this …

  2. Propaganda: Russia’s War on Ukraine, Part III

    A video-recording of the third instalment in this series, featuring Professor Natalia Chaban (University of Canterbury), Dr Julie Fedor (University of Melbourne), Dr Robert Horvath (La Trobe University), and Dr Volodymyr Kulyk (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), speaking on the theme of ‘Propaganda’ (27 May 2022).

  3. The SHAPS Hellenic Ball

    This winter, SHAPS undergraduate student societies came together to embark on an ambitious and rewarding undertaking. Abigail Banister-Jones, Co-Consul/President of MUCLASS (Melbourne University Classics & Archaeology …

  4. Remembering Stuart Macintyre

    A videorecording of the two-day symposium honouring and celebrating Stuart Macintyre (24–25 February 2022).

  5. Nat Cutter

    Nat Cutter (PhD in History, 2022), ‘Barbarian Civility: British Expatriates and the Transformation of the Maghreb in English Thought, 1660–1714′ This thesis explores the role of …

  6. The Undoing of Roe v. Wade

    On 24 June 2022, the US Supreme Court effectively overturned the decision on Roe v. Wade from 1973, which had previously established a constitutional right to …

  7. History: Russia’s War on Ukraine, Part II

    A video-recording of the second instalment in this series, featuring Associate Professor Olga Bertelsen (Tiffin University), Associate Professor Oxana Shevel (Tufts University) and Professor Serhy Yekelchyk (University of Victoria), speaking on the theme of ‘History’ (29 April 2022).

  8. Why Wait? Treaty and the Federal Election

    First Nations Peoples shouldn’t have to wait for non-Indigenous Australians and the Government to catch up when it comes to committing to Treaty. Julia Hurst from …

  9. Christianity, Colonisation and the Challenge of Māori History

    A video-recording of the 2021 Ernest Scott Lecture, Part II, delivered by Dr Hirini Kaa (October 2021).

  10. Anton Donohoe-Marques

    Anton Donohoe-Marques (PhD in History, 2022), ‘Revisiting Anzac in the Wake of World War Two: Memory and Identity in the Post-War Period, 1945–1960’ This thesis explores …

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