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  1. Ken Barelli

    ‘The Voice of Methodism: Temperance Policy in Victoria, Australia 1902–1977’ (MA in History, 2018). This thesis seeks to examine the influence of the Methodist Church in Victoria, Australia, on public policy in the twentieth century using the issue of Temperance as a case study. Methodists had a tradition of social activism dating back to their […]

  2. Najwa Belkziz

    ‘The Politics of Memory and Transitional Justice in Morocco’ (PhD in History, 2018). This thesis investigated four decades of human rights abuses in Morocco and the transitional justice mechanisms implemented by the governing regime between 1990 and 2015 to reckon with this violent legacy. My critical discourse analysis of the official and opposition narratives about […]

  3. Jennifer Bowen

    ‘A Clamour of Voices: Negotiations of Power and Purpose in Australian Spoken-word Radio from 1924 to 1942′ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis views the history of early radio in Australia through the prism of its spoken-word output to argue that broadcasting was shaped not just by commercial interests and government bodies but also by […]

  4. Shane Cahill

    ‘Visions of a Mutual Pacific Destiny: The Japan-Australia Society, 1896–1942’ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis examined the Japan-Australia Society from its 1928 founding until 1941. Uncovering the role of the leading citizens in business, academia, and conservative politics who formed its membership, the thesis showed that a significant segment of Australians accommodated Japan’s militarism […]

  5. Bren Carlill

    ‘An Impossible Peace?: A Re-Examination of the Israeli-Palestinian Dispute’ (PhD in History, 2019). This work argues that the Israeli-Palestinian dispute consists of multiple conflicts, and that each of these conflicts are one of two distinct types of conflict, either ‘territorial’ or ‘existential’. It discusses why many parties to and observers of the dispute are unaware […]

  6. Andrea Cleland

    ‘The Pear Tree: Family Narratives of Post-War Greek Macedonian Migration to Australia’ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis examined how migrants who left Florina, Greece, in the 1950s–1960s remember, narrate and transmit experiences of migration, and how complex ideas of home and identity have been mediated across three generations. Drawing on oral history interviews, it […]

  7. Sarah Craze

    ‘Somali Piracy as a Manifestation of State Failure: A Historical Context for Somali Piracy and its Suppression‘ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis establishes the Somali piracy epidemic of 2008–2012 as a conflict between how Somalis perceived their own sovereign authority and the rules of centralised state norms established by the international community. I argue […]

  8. Emily Fitzgerald

    ‘”That Great Country to Which We Must Constantly Look”: Australia and the United States in the Development of Australian Federation’ (PhD in History, 2018). This thesis examined Australian federation in the context of Australian-United States relations, particularly the influence of the US on the development of the Australian Constitution in the 1890s, and placed Australian […]

  9. Xavier Fowler

    ‘Sport and the Australian War Effort during the First World War: Concord and Conflict’ (PhD in History, 2018). With concerns surrounding national security emerging from 1900 onward ideas surrounding the playing of sport as a preparation for warfare became common. The outbreak of war in 1914 oversaw the variable explosion of this connection between playing […]

  10. Sarah Green

    ‘Childhood, War and Memory: Experiences of Bosnian Child Refugees in Australia‘ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis explores the impact of war and displacement on children who moved to Australia during and after the 1992–1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It takes as its starting point the knowledge that the Bosnian war – like all […]

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