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Who we are

We are witnessing a time of unprecedented societal shifts. This is starkly epitomised within the creative industries and education sectors – our first responders to societal change. These sectors are undergoing rapid shifts in their norms, practices, and pedagogies. They are finding new ways to creatively adapt to ensure they not only survive, but thrive, in an environment mediated by physical isolation, social disruption, and health and economic crises. While there have been indisputable losses from the current crisis, there have also been undeniable gains. A new generation of creative industries and teaching pedagogies is emerging, and it is finding its footing within the digital ecosystem.

We are a cooperative of cross-sectional researchers working to understand how our creative industries and educational sectors can be empowered in this ecosystem. Operating under the collective title of #DataCreatives, our project is taking a data-let approach to creating agency through understanding the evolution of norms, practices, and pedagogies within the creative industries and education sectors.

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Our history

The #DataCreatives is a new research group. We were brought together in June 2020 with the support of a Melbourne Data Analytics Platform collaboration. Visit our About an Research pages for more information on who we are and what we do.


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