Feels like Christmas

Got the whole of next week off and some very pleasant surprises in this one. Does feel like a Christmas morning 🎁 session.

So, it all started with an assignment submission gone wrong and me not having any backup. Nail-biting suspense later, I was allowed to resubmit it! Like seriously, how cool is that!!! I was expecting a βœ‚οΈ of marks and judgemental πŸ‘©β€πŸ«, instead I was given another chance to redo it. Blown away, I am suddenly seeing the teaching staff in a new light 😍

Now, off to planning my week-off activities. Cooking, cleaning, reading? Can’t make up my mind. Maybe I’ll sleep it away with Cat practicing her management skills on me. She is very good at making me do things, like waking up middle of the night to fill up her half eaten bowl πŸ˜’

Restriction are eased, but still tc and stay safe.


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