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  1. Save your files.

    I spent two and a half hours doing a Computing practice exam. I went away to wash the dishes and came back to a blank paper. I forgot to save — a cardinal sin for a programmer. It’s not too bad because the thought process was what mainly took up all the time, but of […]

  2. Get through this week challenge

    Is it just me or has this week been SO. LONG. I swear it’s been Thursday for three days already and I’m going insane. I’ve been working my butt off to try and balance having a social life and getting grades that won’t make my parents fly over here and drag my back to the […]

  3. Kia ora/Xin chao, it’s Elizabeth!

    I still have much nostalgia for the places I’ve lived in before and I occasionally get melancholic in this new city. But sometimes, I could almost feel the nostalgia of the moment just before. That’s one of the many feelings that keep me rolling.

  4. Tank Engine

    Hi everyone, I am the hidden character that is the last to be revealed. My pseudonym (which is my English name) is Thomas. My classmates back when I was in school used to call me tank engine. I must admit that I randomly chose the name around 8 years old when I saw a steam […]

  5. Week 8 & Mid-Sem Break: Let the Games Begin

    Now playing: The Paper Kites – On the Train Ride Home ↺ |◁ II ▷| ♡ Happy Sunday! It’s been a while >v< How has everyone been? I’m feeling beyond ecstatic knowing that mid-sem break is just round the corner! It has been an eventful week for me, filled with finishing assessments, connecting with family, […]

  6. Clubs are the best way to make friends

    I’ve joined so many clubs at university and it’s literally saved my post-covid loneliness! So many clubs plan weekly meetups (sometimes even involving free food!!! Who could say no to that?) and it’s such an amazing way to meet likeminded people and friends! I’ve joined a couple of club committees it’s been so nice to […]

  7. Week 6: A-Tisket, A-Tasket

    Now playing: Anthony Lazaro – Life could be so simple ↺ |◁ II ▷| ♡   As someone who has pictured themselves in a great deal of eccentric situations (like having hands for feet and feet for hands), I never once pictured myself writing a blog post, so here we go!! Here’s a quick little […]

  8. EEG volunteer experience

    I am honored that I can contribute my EEG information to the development of neuroscience, although this experiment took me 3 hours. The happiest thing is that I got a $30 voucher:) As a psychological student, it is easy to find experimental recruitment information on a website called REP. So some of the experiments will […]

  9. Somber effect

    Cat’s trip to the doctor’s will continue for a while, glad that she is finally getting the right treatment and I can afford them! Took me a very long time to get both for her. I totally ♥️ my job Her health hasn’t affected her interest in the studies in the least and she is […]

  10. Dear Dreamer

    This is an excerpt of my made-up diary: Dear Dreamer, Did you really think that you would become a University of Melbourne blogger? You put it out there into the universe, and you did it. You’re an official blogger for ‘The First Year Diaries’, you should be proud of yourself. Did you really think that […]

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