Finally free ✊

Today’s my last lecture for the semester and then I am a free bird 🦥

But I think I’ll miss them and the sense of normalcy they brought to my chaotic world where I couldn’t tell what would happen the next day but could always count on the lectures to be there, on time, like clockwork! Now I have to figure out my study schedule for the next few weeks and devise ingenious ways of sticking to it 🤓

I am not as good as Cat at plans and management, who was understandably sulky last weekend but is now back with her game face on, holding performance review meetings with Magpies in the backyard. The pies couldn’t stop singing about how awesome they were and how they swooped in and all, but Cat just showed them the droppings all over the garden and told them to shut their beak because they did a shitty job, quite literally 🧐 So much for good sportsmanship 😜

Other than that, mood’s 🤩 ‘cause the lockdown’s lifted. Finally! Looking for mates to go bar hopping, window shopping, door knocking or any other fun activity. Don’t care what it is, just wanna go out 🤨 If you are too, hit me up and let the adventures begin 🥳 But safely, with social distancing and 💩


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