Summer’s here!

Loving the break 🥰 And now that the lockdown’s gone, life’s slowly going back to normal. I have got plans for summer that don’t involve worrying about the exam results due this week. Forget about passing with flying colours, I’ll celebrate if I just make it through in monochrome 😜

My local library is open now and I got some cookbooks to keep me company. Most interesting ones are recipes for cocktails, just what I need 🍹  Of course, Cat isn’t too happy about it, nothing on management here. #BossCat

Cat and Cocktails

Got a lot of time to laze around, doing absolutely nothing. That’s when I am not attending virtual meetups, learning cloud technologies, planning club activities or looking for work 🤣 Got some really cool Career Bootcamp events lined up next week. Totally looking forward! The last session I attended with them helped me get a virtual internship with a company I have a huge crush on (very professional and platonic only 💖)

Cheers to summer, enjoy the weather and hope the masks go away soon.


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