Pass or …

Feels kinda weird with no one else posting anything, but I’ll do it anyways. Results haven’t been declared yet. I suppose it’s this week, not quite sure that I am out of the woods 🤞

The Career Bootcamp is half way through and the things I am learning are totally amazing. Also makes me realize that I need to up my job search game big time! Will work on it over summer and maybe get ma 🍑 into a snazzy little office soon.

Meanwhile, I have figured out a 🤩 way to keep Cat happy. Applied for a uni program that has both Software and Business in the title 😁 Now eagerly waiting to hear back from them. Can’t wait to tell her that she can soon attend her own zoom lectures, learning how to boss people around more effectively 😆 and leave me alone to focus on my money making apps. #BossCat

With all that going on, trying not to forget that this is a vacation and I need to chill. Made a brand new friend at uni and it’s fun hanging out together ( you know, I am talking about you 😉 )

Wondering why masks aren’t optional everywhere with more 🍩 in a 📅 than in the biggest box. When I can be trusted enough decide for myself whom to vote for, I am pretty sure I am capable of making a decision on when I need to wear a mask, other than that ✌


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