Check-In Time #10 – the mystery of recess week

2:05am, Singapore. At this point, I have no hope in my sleep schedule anymore – there’s never a day I sleep before 3am, let alone 12am. Even during recess week which is supposed to be for relaxing. Good news is that I just cleared an assignment, so the main priority for this week is down! Tomorrow I have to run some errands, write a draft article for Farrago, as well as do some filming and catch up on some outside school things. I’m also planning an itinerary for some things my family and I can do over the weekend – trying to make use of whatever time there is in recess week to relax.

I’m really not sure why, but this semester’s recess week seemed sort of… rushed? Like it feels as if the semester just started yesterday, and then recess week is suddenly here. I didn’t really feel that way last semester. I remembered that recess week last semester was more relaxing for me, and I managed to schedule in outings with friends. I guess the only reason I can attribute to it is that I took on more commitments this semester?

In other news, I got a new phone! Finally! My old phone has been dying on me at random times in the day – and sometimes this happens more than once. However I don’t want to throw my old phone away as it generates unnecessary tech waste and it technically can still be used. Researching for ways to use it effectively; feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions!

And to anyone else reading this: enjoy recess week and have lots of chocolate!! Recess week is really too short… all 12 weeks of the semester should be recess week!!

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