Over the moon

Got my first ever score of more than 60% in a test! Finally made it 🥳 Doesn’t matter if it counts for less than 5% in the finals or that it was a relatively easier test than the practice ones. Glad I could make it past the 60 mark.

It’s just the kind of boost I needed 😁 Now, a lot more excited and enthusiastic about future tests but also anxiously biting nails over how difficult they will be. After all, this subject is notorious for it’s low grades.

The International Low Markers’ Union must be fuming over how the students could make it past 50 on their watch 😤
I am sure there will be a damage-control meeting soon where they will devise new methods of torture for upcoming exams 😈

Other than that, week’s good. Swam some more and Cat is definitely getting better, she might even be off meds in a few months 🤞

Don’t let your guard down, Exam is Coming and it’s scarier than Winter 😥


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