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  1. To be understood?

    I’m putting off revising Linear Algebra in favour of pacing my room like a weather-beaten 53-year-old detective. I’ve been reflecting on the year every single waking moment, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s been a fascinating year; a lot of things, ranging from elating to excruciating, were not on my bingo card. So, […]

  2. Happy 4th of July!

    Hi again everyone 🙂 I hope you’re all having a lovely time on break. I’m over in sunny New York where we currently have an air quality warning for the wildfires haha, still better than Melbourne winter. I’ve been thinking recently about changing my degree a little since I wasn’t really sure what I wanted […]

  3. Save your files.

    I spent two and a half hours doing a Computing practice exam. I went away to wash the dishes and came back to a blank paper. I forgot to save — a cardinal sin for a programmer. It’s not too bad because the thought process was what mainly took up all the time, but of […]

  4. Week 7: Application Anxiety

    Now playing: Doris Day – Que Sera Sera ↺ |◁ II ▷| ♡   I survived the shenanigans of Week 6 🥳! Updates from last week – I went and thoroughly enjoyed the club event – Save the Children and Film Society’s Movie Night at Arts West’s Interactive Cinema Space! It was a fundraiser for […]

  5. 2 down, 2 to go

    Just finished my first exam of the season 😁 The auto marks in canvas were a measly 31.75 out of 120 and my first reaction at seeing them was flight mode – sell the car, pack up and move to Antarctica. But then, there was a shinning * in the end that said ‘some questions […]

  6. One down, three to go

    Lockdown’s back in town, baby! SWOTVAC’s here… Yeah, stating the obvious 😒 My transition to office has been put on hold and I am working from home in regular office hours, no pay cuts or shift losses and with enough time for studies. Got zero complains but just to make sure nobody guesses my age, […]

  7. Pre-exam jitters

    I have started studying for the exams now, trying to get my head around all the workshops that went bouncer when assignments were due. No wonder I scored so less! I can finally see why on going through them again 🙃 While I am focusing on exams, the remaining assignments are in Cat’s capable paws. […]

  8. One test wonder

    Yup, back to my ol’ 50% ways but turned out the marks will be corrected and there’s a chance I might have done better in this week’s test. Although my first thought on seeing the marks was, ‘The Low Marker’s Union Strikes Again’ 🤨 pun un-intended. I wasn’t the only one taking tests this week, […]

  9. Exam dates are out!

    I haven’t checked them yet, busy with assignments. Last few weeks of the Semester and the pressure is on. All the final assignments are reports in thousands and thousands of words 📝 Song of the comming weeks : 🎶 It’s only words and words are all I have, to take the marks away (from those […]

  10. Over the moon

    Got my first ever score of more than 60% in a test! Finally made it 🥳 Doesn’t matter if it counts for less than 5% in the finals or that it was a relatively easier test than the practice ones. Glad I could make it past the 60 mark. It’s just the kind of boost […]

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