Exam dates are out!

I haven’t checked them yet, busy with assignments. Last few weeks of the Semester and the pressure is on. All the final assignments are reports in thousands and thousands of words 📝

Song of the comming weeks : 🎶 It’s only words and words are all I have, to take the marks away (from those who guard it like their own bank balance 🤣)

With all the stuff going on with me, I missed out important details on forming groups for the latest project and suddenly found myself doing a 3 person assignment alone 😥 Well, I always said I handle 3 men’s job all by myself, this is just ‘Hence proved’ 🤣

But I am not alone, I do have Cat to help me out. We pair-program and she kindly corrects all the mistakes, typos and makes the code run. Donno what I would do without her #BossCat

Now, I just have to cough up more words than she does hairballs and put them together in a report and we are done 🤩

Swimming lessons are 😖 I try to swim like 🐠 but end up looking like 🐸

Don’t give up.


One thought on “Exam dates are out!

  1. Oh look! My first spam 😁
    Don’t send your deets there if you want to get back or get back at your ex. Whatever.

    Just don’t do it ❌

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