One down, three to go

Lockdown’s back in town, baby! SWOTVAC’s here… Yeah, stating the obvious 😒

My transition to office has been put on hold and I am working from home in regular office hours, no pay cuts or shift losses and with enough time for studies. Got zero complains but just to make sure nobody guesses my age, I’ll throw a tantrum at being grounded and not able to party, like a good little teen 👼

I have finally found my favorite subject for the semester, it’s totally the one with no exams 😁 Finished the presentation, done with the subject and it’s such a relief. Cat, of course, wanted to present it herself but was detained last minute by something shiny and I had to step in 🤓 #BossCat

This week, I need to prepare for the most difficult one in the sem, at least for me. After multiple revisions, I can now remember what the prof said for more than 3 days at a time and am quite optimistic I’ll pass. I just need to somehow remember it till next Monday 🤪

Missing my swimming lessons but hopefully I’ll have more catchup later 🙂

Stay safe and study on.


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