One week to go

Looks like I am not going to Tokyo this year, unless they have new category for those who can’t swim 🤣

My last exam is next week so not too stressed in this one. Just going through the study material and trying to make sense of it 😐

After the exams, the semester will be officially over for me and next week’s post will be my last one here. I wouldn’t be so quick with that sigh of relief, if I were you 😝 ‘cuz I’ll level up to Year 2 and wait for the invite to ‘Back for Seconds’

I can continue here until that one comes through but I don’t have much uni action going, not actively involved in any clubs and I haven’t even attended a single employability session this sem! Missing them badly 😢 I still have a ton of unanswered questions but I am usually working when they meet ☹️

Exams ongoing, who has the time to read lengthy blogs! I’ll 🤐 now

Best of luck.


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