Tag: Transition

  1. Being an NPC is nice

    I look around the grand cavernous mouth of my first ever lecture theatre, and not a single face do I recognise. Not one single face in that field of faces lit sharply by the too bright alternating white and yellow lights.  Do you know what this means? This means no one knows me. No longer […]


  2. It’s a Process [Clay]

    Howdy Folks, It is currently 9:26 pm on Sunday the 17th, and instead of doing any of the readings I promised myself I would finish this weekend or maybe starting the essay draft my tutor wanted to go over on Wednesday, I’m writing my silly little blog posts and ignoring all of my responsibilities. It’s […]


  3. To be understood?

    I’m putting off revising Linear Algebra in favour of pacing my room like a weather-beaten 53-year-old detective. I’ve been reflecting on the year every single waking moment, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s been a fascinating year; a lot of things, ranging from elating to excruciating, were not on my bingo card. So, […]


  4. Get through this week challenge

    Is it just me or has this week been SO. LONG. I swear it’s been Thursday for three days already and I’m going insane. I’ve been working my butt off to try and balance having a social life and getting grades that won’t make my parents fly over here and drag my back to the […]


  5. Kia ora/Xin chao, it’s Elizabeth!

    I still have much nostalgia for the places I’ve lived in before and I occasionally get melancholic in this new city. But sometimes, I could almost feel the nostalgia of the moment just before. That’s one of the many feelings that keep me rolling.


  6. I don't have to wear plaid to learn (Katherine Olivia)

    Hey there! Transitioning from High School to Uni life has been a huge part of my first year and after Week 8, I feel like I’m really settling into this new world. So I thought I’d share 3 little insights into what I’ve learned so far. 1. Getting into a routine. Uni is a bit […]


  7. Preparing for those awkward, week 1 get-to-know-you activities (Simone)

    To anyone who is not yet at uni, or who is about to begin this semester, I must warn you that one of the hardest questions you will be asked in your first tutorial for each subject actually sounds deceivingly simple: ‘Please tell the class your name and one interesting thing about yourself’. If you […]


  8. Second coming (Luke)

    Okay, so after a rather long absence from this blog, I have returned! I’m in the middle of moving houses from what everyone would call the country (ELTHAM IS NOT THE COUNTRY!!!!) to Brunswick. And so I’ve had no internet, no TV and no computer for the past two weeks. So basically I was living […]


  9. O-Week – maybe sleeping in would be time better spent.

    Most of us bloggers seem to be thinking that O-Week is… Well. Over-rated. “Blah.” I think Laura said? (correct me if I’m wrong!) Oh my it is blah. Very blah. Especially for us commuters, it’s nearly useless. Yesterday was a day I was looking forward to – yay clubs etc! Maybe attend a lecture on […]


  10. Another Arts degree-wielding blogger (Jennifer)

    ...Saying, "Hi, I'm Bambi!" or, "I love your shoes!"**** for instance, are acceptable ways to start a conversation. Conversely, if you approach a stranger by telling them, "I have genital herpes" or "I'm thinking of starting a nunchucks club", you will simply appear to have a personality disorder...