Assignments Galore

Don’t worry I’m not going to be complaining about how I need to figure out supply and demand curves or how I need to somehow make my balance sheet actually balance, but I am going to say that the assignments really did sneak up on me. When the assignment dates were mentioned earlier in the semester, they seemed to be a decent while away, but I did get a reality check when week 4 came around. Juggling the assignments with work and my dance performances outside of uni is quite a challenge, however crossing out each task one by one on my ‘to do’ list is quite motivating. Although I initially thought the workload was overwhelming, it really allowed me to develop my planning and time management skills. Other than the assessments, uni life has been a delight! Meeting up with friends during breaks and catching up with friends in other faculties while discovering the beautiful scenery on campus has been wonderful. It’s really important pass all your assginments, but it’s equally important to keep a balance between work life and social life. So, enjoy the social opportunities the uni provides, catch up with your friends and explore the campus while putting a decent effort into your work.

Signing off for now 😀

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