1. Roots (Aimee)

    Hello my reader buddies! How are you? Enjoying all the marvels of Springtime? If you’ve got hay-fever, probably the only thing you’re enjoying is a box of Kleenex. If so, that’s awful! (Have you tried the new aloe vera 3ply??) In a way, Spring’s arrival is quite appropriate. This time of year is all about […]

  2. Who you gonna call?!? (Aimee)

    Hello there blog-readers and other life forms! I hope you’re well and feeling on top of exams/work/life in general. At least, I hope exams/work/life aren’t on top of you! (It’s okay, they’re on top of me too – ssh, don’t tell anyone…) Today I thought I’d embrace my inner journalist and give you an exposé. […]

  3. The Pizza that Broke the Student's Back (Aimee)

      Hello and welcome, my blog-reading pals! Seeing that we’ve reached the business end of Semester 2, I thought it would be nice to start this post with some meditation… that’s right, meditation! Because, let’s face it, life can sometimes be as fast-paced as a Vin Diesel action movie. And, even though we can’t rewrite […]

  4. Splat! (Aimee)

    **WARNING: The following blog post contains a few extremely-justified uses of the ‘s’ word, plus a couple of timely references to poop – reader discretion is advised *nay* required** Hey there my reader buddy!! Long time, no see! How are you? You look great! Is that a new t-shirt? (Wouldn’t it be awesome if you […]

  5. Learning Curves (Aimee)

    Hi there, dear reader! How are you doing on this fine (oh, who am I kidding!) blizzard-like (!) winter morning? All good? Excellent! Shall we proceed? Since the day I was born… (I know this sounds like the start of a snore-inducing nostalgia rant, but bear with me!!) Ahem! Since the day I was born, […]

  6. Growing Up Exam (Aimee)

      Hello there, my readery friends! You look like a combination of bone-dead tired and euphorically-expectant. Could it be because it’s nearly holidays? How did I guess? Just call me psychic… While you’ve been out there doing all the things that blog-readers usually do, I (and my poor fellow first years) have entered Swot Vac. […]

  7. When Printers Attack! (Ode to Independence) [Aimee]

    Hello my favourite reader pal! Today I want to talk to you about something all-important: independence. It’s a big word, isn’t it? Independence. In-dee-pen-dance. Have you ever noticed how when you say it slowly it sounds like a dance? As in: “I’m indepen-dancing!” (Get it? Indepen-dancing…? No? Okay…) Seriously though, once you get to uni, […]

  8. Confession Time (Aimee)

        Dear reader, You might remember me telling you that every so often, like anyone, I’m plagued by what can only be described as ‘WHAT-IN-THE-NAME-OF-SANITY-AM-I-DOING-HERE?!?’ moments. Well, a while back, I had one and now, I want to tell you about it. That’s right, reader buddies: our relationship has progressed! Together, we have bypassed […]

  9. Moving On Up (Aimee)

      Dear reader, I hope you’ve had an absolutely spiffing weekend! (‘Spiffing’ – what a marvellous word! Try saying it now in your best posh accent!) Would you believe we’re in week 7 which means *drum-roll please!* …. we’re over halfway through Semester 1!!! *Cue fanfare!* While you’ve been transitioning to winter woolies and the […]

  10. Aimee's Guide to Getting Lost In Style

    Dear reader! First, let me just say, I’m so happy that you’ve come back for post No #2 of my blog! Seriously, my heart – if you can picture it – is filling up with joy! And, now… time for introductions! My name’s Aimee (just in case you missed it!) and I’m one of the […]

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