Eyre (Peso)

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  1. The Food Episode

    Back home, the streets were never really made for walking, with grotty public transportation and consistently hot climate. While it didn’t really limit the paths I could take (taxis were much cheaper), it made “random” encounters to a restaurant, bistro or specific café require planning to an extent, and random discoveries to eateries are unseen aside from the […]


  2. Routines

    Pretty much 3 quarters of ‘First Year’ has passed for me, and things are gradually becoming more stable. From locating lecture/tutorial spots to awkward hours on-campus and sleeping time, life in uni gradually becomes… normal, though some of it not in the way I want to.


  3. The Issue on the (time)Table

    Apologies for the post vacuum as vacation period went by. Hopefully, like myself, you all are coming back into the semester refreshed and ready to tackle on new challenges and subjects (also, “warm” winter welcome to the mid-years!). I myself would like to talk about one such challenge, and some advice on how you can […]


  4. Bear Down

    Week 12 everybody! Back in middle/high school, I’m already kicking back in class, watching a movie as part of the last subject class of the school year, saying farewells to those moving away early. Ever since Year 12 though, I learnt that the last week of teaching is just the calm before the storm.


  5. With a Little Help from My Friends

    Studying as a Jaffy first-year student is not easy. From the expectations to listen and understand most, if not all the lectures, the assignments that you have to hand in before its due (and the notion that you’re still working on it creeping up to you everyday until you hand it in), and the readings/problem booklet/quizzes […]


  6. Too Close for Comfort

    As I sit in the MSLC, shaking but relieved, I want to reflect on what, just, happened.


  7. A Neat Observation

    Outside of studies, Moving to Melbourne would still definitely bring a culture shock to most people, and as with such most of us have to adapt to the changing customs, different language, and higher prices (le sigh). Fortunately, something about that first part is a thing that I can definitely get used to.


  8. Distracte- SQUIRREL!

    Vacation’s over, and class is back. Not going to be much of a break until the end of May, so it would be a good time to stay productive for the rest of the semester. With that said, it’s probably not as simple as a single sentence, so it’s important to consider the following:


  9. Tuesdays with Eyre?

    It’s been a week, and thankfully, it’s non-teaching period for whole week here in Melbourne. Time to finally catch up on those lecture recordings you promise you’d watch tomorrow, get a serious dig-in/leg-up on your assignments, and if you miraculously get to the bottom of the work pile, you earned yourself a breather for the […]


  10. First Impressions (Eyre)

    First posts, while they don’t come big, they don’t come often either, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say hello to you, dear reader. After some thought on approaches, I think my pick would be the AA-style you’d see on movies and TV. Here we go.