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  1. Through the looking glass (Sophie)

    Days have been flying by with their usual eventful tendencies; rushing from one class to another, sharing a joke here and there with a friend and then worrying that you’re behind on reading and nearly putting yourself to sleep by doing 3 hours of management study at once! Currently I am in the computer lab […]

  2. Reflecting on my Wild O-Week (Rick)

    This is a summary of the events that occurred during the university O-Week. Tuesday On Tuesday morning I managed to just be there on time to see my host, having been delayed by the signing of a petition to call for our government to call off the war. (or something along those lines.) The tour […]

  3. welcome to my crazy life (Lara)

    Heyy people, Firstly I’d just like to say sorry for being so late to start this thing. But I swear I have a valid excuse!! You see as well as starting uni this year I also moved from Sydney and am now living in one of the residential colleges…maybe as I get more confident writing […]

  4. First week (Jim)

    The curtain of uni has opened ( i mean uni has started), it is busy, which makes me feel stressful, feeling kind of lethargy now. Uni envrionment is excellent, so don’t let me disappoint u. Everthing u need to study and to have fun are available. The lectures were great generally. Professor Ian malkin and […]

  5. Sunshine and Fairy Floss (Johanna)

    I am hoping that this will not turn into a bland recitation of ‘what I did on O-week’, so I feel I should introduce myself! My story will be much more interesting if you know where it’s coming from. My name is Johanna and I’m 18 years old, hailing from good ol’ Geelong (just over […]

  6. Three Wild Days before (Rick)

    The first week of being in a college is wild, and there is so much to talk about, and therefore it may take me a while to tell you the full story, so for this post I will include from the Saturday I moved in to Monday, the day before Orientation at the University. I […]

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