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  1. How to express pain without ranting? (Lara)

    Hmm, let’s see. Tuesday: all i had this day was a biology practical….but funnily enough i was asked for the first time about this blog by a girl who’s on my table. She’s friends with another first year blogger haha…small world this is indeeedy. Johanna apparantly you’re in the same bio prac class as me […]

  2. Tears, Home, Uni, College, Friends…Life. (Lara)

    The past few weeks have been filled with…well….Stuff. I went home to Sydney for 6 nights…from the last Thursday of uni, through Easter till the 19th when my friend from Sydney and myself flew back here- she stayed with me in college for 4 nights. Whilst in Sydney it was a good chance to catch […]

  3. I’m standing in a certain kind of light, that’s never shone on me before (Sophie)

    The last week off has been great but incredibly busy (when is it not though?!). I’ve managed to get quite a bit of study in but it always seems there is never enough time for absolutely everything you could ‘possibly’ do. Currently I’m at home and have just enjoyed a delectable dinner of Cajun-spiced salmon […]

  4. Everything on my mind (Sophie)

    Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone has managed to find some time over this break to relax a bit and for a moment, leave the excessively busy routine that university life forces you into. On Thursday I wasn’t feeling 100% and when more than one of my friends commented that I looked tired (They meant […]

  5. Cheap Wine (Johanna)

    Oh my goodness. I.. don’t know where to start. How can one introduce a post where they are going to spill everything? I’ll tell it in chronological order, despite wishing to jump straight to the juicy/scary/sad/strange part. On Thursday night, I found myself in a strange sort of limbo. All of my housemates were going […]

  6. What’s happening? Why am i like this? (Jim)

    I am not happy mentally. ……. A SELF DIALOGUE: SOLVING PROBLEMS First i am stuck on my essay, putting my plan onto paper. (well i can ask lecturer for help on email. Think harder get back to the logic of the idea. where is the origin, then what comes next, come on i can do […]

  7. Cravings (Johanna)

    Last night at around 8pm, I suddenly had a craving of the worst sort – I wanted to play World of Warcraft, the hideously geeky game my boyfriend used to be a fan of. It was horrible – I ran down to Kmart in my pajamas to see if they had it. They were out […]

  8. “Only you beneath the moon and under the sun…” (Johanna)

    A line from one of my favourite songs, Night and Day by Ella Fitzgerald. It gets double points for being written by Cole Porter too. Gosh how I love musicals. Anyway, the title of this post doesn’t really mean anything – I just wanted to try to convey the rhythmic goodness and lovely slinkiness of […]

  9. Another day where time is the only answer (Sophie)

    This weekend has been a bit quieter than usual but nevertheless very enjoyable. Tennis consumed a lot of my spare time between working down at the club and playing Sunday Social Comp at Melbourne Uni. After such a long break over last year due to Year 12 commitments I am slowly attempting to get back […]

  10. Happy Tacos (Johanna)

    I feel alright. Not so great, but not wanting to jump out the window either. Last night, Matthew was my saviour. Matthew is my boyfriend of a year and a half, and he lives in Geelong, doing 5th year Arts/Law at Deakin University. There is about 90 minutes between us, rather than 9 before I […]

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