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  1. Mental Lows, Spontaneous Epiphanies, and Other Snippets of the Week…(Lara)

    Perhaps over the past week or so i’ve had the chance to think things over…but i’m not sure if i’m content with all of the thoughts rushing through my mind at present. I think i can accept what has happened, but then suddenly i just feel like i KNOW it’s not right. But i have […]

  2. Dreams and memories, down the lane I wander (Sophie)

    Well finally: the week that was, is now over. By last night I was so exhausted that at 5pm I felt I could have fallen asleep then and there! I just had what can only be described as one of the most amazing weeks of my life. From here to there I was rushing in […]

  3. The Want of a Hug and a Home-Cooked Meal (Johanna)

    On Sunday night last week, on a whim, I caught the train back to Geelong even though I had to come into uni on Monday morning. It was so nice to be back, even if it were only for the shortest while. I got to sleep in my own bed! My puppy was so happy […]

  4. Anti-War rallies, parties, extra classes, and rapping. (Rick)

    A few weeks ago I went to an anti-war rally at the State Library. I thought I was going to go alone but I found one person who was also planning to go from my college. It was quite a big rally with about one thousand people. We marched down Swanston St. to Federation Square. […]

  5. when everything is going perfect, the only way to go is downwards… (Lara)

    Just writing to say that i reached a point of my life here where i feel stuck….my boyfriend/best friend and i broke up last friday…which has been a massive shock to me because i well…love him so much? Our relationship was the thing that drove me and motivated me to move to Melbourne. My mum […]

  6. Throwing coins in wishing wells and living a semi-charmed kinda life (Sophie)

    I kept meaning to update last week but the days have been rushing by so fast. Uni life is crazy in the sense that things are so incredible fast-paced. You really have to be so organised or everything will collapse beneath your feet. Since my last post I went through a few days where I […]

  7. The Calming (Rick)

    I’m just starting to feel things are calming down at Uni. The workload at university is intense, but somehow, you seem to get used to it. In the second week I was able to catch up on some reading I missed out on. (Due to looking out for second hand text books) It must be […]

  8. What a week and a half… (Lara)

    I’m not sure whether to say a lot has happened the past week, or not too much. On Wednesday last week not too much happened, just a normal uni day (my longest out of the 5, 8am-4pm), followed by dinner at college which I remembered at the last minute was a hall night so I […]

  9. The 2 flying weeks: focusing on study experience (Jim)

    Hello everyone, Sorry for the late entry. The past 2 weeks have been super busy. I have plenty to share on topics of my study and social life. So let’s begin with my favourite subject Legal method reasoning, (law subject). My reflection on the past 3 weeks is wonderful. My lecturer, Ian is so great, […]

  10. More reflecting on the past – Week One (Rick)

    The Saturday before, we went to the beach at Anglesea. We played beach cricket. I was one of the first to jump in the water as I find it hard to watch the water at the beach and not go for a swim in fairly cold water. One of the guys in our group was […]

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