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  1. What next?

    My last exam is tomorrow and then I’ll no longer be a doe-eyed fresher 🤩 Thought I’ll write my last post while I am still technically a first year. So, it’s been an amazing experience here, working with some amazing students and learning from such great professors…. yeah, now it’s sounding like a graduation speech. […]

  2. One week to go

    Looks like I am not going to Tokyo this year, unless they have new category for those who can’t swim 🤣 My last exam is next week so not too stressed in this one. Just going through the study material and trying to make sense of it 😐 After the exams, the semester will be […]

  3. Dear Dreamer

    This is an excerpt of my made-up diary: Dear Dreamer, Did you really think that you would become a University of Melbourne blogger? You put it out there into the universe, and you did it. You’re an official blogger for ‘The First Year Diaries’, you should be proud of yourself. Did you really think that […]

  4. H1 for Happiness

    Exams are around the corner, taunting me with the amount of readings I skipped. Yesterday as the exam timetables came out, I realised I was screwed. I thought I was clever for picking subjects where the end-of-semester assessments were an essay or even a take home exam, leaving me with only one real examination. I […]

  5. Just as expected

    Not getting much done this week. But knew that already. Caught up on all the 😴 I missed out on and having reduced my study load, got a lot of time to enjoy life and mull over stuff. Not what regular students are expected to do! University is supposed to be the time where you […]

  6. Am I an adult?

    It feels like a lifetime since I last wrote a blog post. Though, I’m sure the concept of time is slipping from us all as we stay indoors and relive each day like the last. Wake up near to the afternoon, complain about lectures, begrudgingly attend tutorials, and do the damn readings well into the […]

  7. I can’t stress this enough

    Hunched upon my bed (terrible posture) at 10:41 p.m. in the night, I realized what I want to write about.   Stress. I’d like to think that I’m good at managing stress. But others refuse to agree. It’s debatable, okay? Life is an amalgamation of various sources of stress. I can’t explain how, but everything […]

  8. don’t worry, be happy

    There’s something that I want to use this platform for more than anything, something that is really important to me – opening up the discussion about mental health. As a high school student I both dreaded and yearned moving to uni and starting anew. I’d moved around a lot, so I wasn’t too keen on […]

  9. Veterinarian? Sociologist? Dancer? Hmm

    ¡Buenas tardes! I’m Nicole, a Jaffy (Just Another Fabulous First Year) Bachelor of Arts student, though if I’m being honest I should probably tell you that this is my third degree, officially Mature Age now. Yes, I have an addiction and it is called Learning. *sigh* The path to where I am now hasn’t been […]

  10. Decisions, decisions, decisions. \(º □ º l|l)/

        Well, I couldn’t get back soon as I had promised. I’ll admit, I was drowning in the sea called Assignments and it certainly wasn’t pleasant. Furthermore, my first winter here has been too kind, so I decided to go on hibernation for a week, occasionally responding to my mom’s messages letting her know I’m alive […]

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