Second coming (Luke)

Okay, so after a rather long absence from this blog, I have returned! I’m in the middle of moving houses from what everyone would call the country (ELTHAM IS NOT THE COUNTRY!!!!) to Brunswick. And so I’ve had no internet, no TV and no computer for the past two weeks. So basically I was living like the Amish (except with trams and myki).

Uni has been good to me so far, but between volunteering, working and studying, I’m quite literally drowning under what seems like an insurmountable pile of homework (but honestly, who at uni doesn’t have that feeling?).

So it is officially the end of the second week of my first semester at Melbourne University. My feelings so far could probably be summed up by:




I don’t really have any opinions on it yet! Which is new for me, but I can see why people hate or love Melbourne University but for me right now it’s a big Meh. I’m sure it won’t be this when exams roll around.

I’m going to finish now partly because I have nothing left to say and partly because I’m afraid of getting swine flu or something more gross off of this computer at Uni. So expect to hear from me a lot more now that I’ve figured out how to use the library computers!!!

So until then, Happy blogging!

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