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I don’t feel like introductions are my strong point. I freeze up and forget everything there is to say about myself. But I’m a firm believer that every person is a fascinating microcosm of ideas, ideals, histories and dreams, so I should refrain from selling myself short and keeping information about myself close to my chest.

That being said, I pride myself on being an open book. I say what comes to mind, even if I feel awkward about it. I’m not always the most eloquent or well spoken, but I try to be genuine.

Hi, I’m Lily. I’m an Aries, although I don’t actively look into astrology or zodiac related things. I’m an INFP, but I’ve done the 16 Personalities quiz about once a year and I’ve been an INFJ (2020, 23) and an ENFP (2021, 22). Even now, I’m pretty balanced in each of the traits measured. Although I’ve been quite consistently a Turbulent type, which from what I’ve gathered, means you probably deal with some dysfunctional level of anxiety.

I’m completing my first year of the Bachelor of Arts and I plan on majoring in Criminology and eventually pursuing the Juris Doctor here at Melbourne. It’ll be a long journey, but I’m looking forward to it!

I can only imagine that a great deal of my blog will document how I manage my aforementioned anxiety. You see, I have an Evil Noxious Cruel Not-Very-Nice brain that loves to self-sabotage. I think my anxiety has been a massive motivator for me academically, and that perfectionism has pushed me to do my absolute best work. That same anxiety has a habit of telling me that everything is wrong and it’s better, actually, to lay in bed and not talk to anyone, even though procrastination is very clearly not the solution and it never has been.

After my first wave of assignments, I’ve definitely got a lot to say about that, but as an introductory post, I’ll leave that part there.

Some other things about me include that I like to speak and ramble! A lot! Usually non-coherently and just to my friends, or in my little iridescent fish scale patterned notebook. I’m not afraid to participate in class discussions (I’m usually quite chatty with those!), but when it comes to my language learning tutorials I get a little panicky. I’ll work on that! And write about it too! I like to game with my friends (although I’m not really a gamer, I mainly play Genshin Impact. I’ve been playing Overwatch lately as well, but I’m not really any good), I like to draw, sing, perform, and ice skate.

Ultimately I’m just a little guy in a big university. Do not pity me, for I shall not weaken under the weight of my duties (getting 8 hours of sleep)! I shall slay the dragon (my anxiety and upcoming assignments) with the power bestowed to me by the gods above (Monster Energy and supportive friends)! The world shall echo my name and sing me praise!

Anyways, it’s nap time. Catch you later.

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