The Lab’s Highlights at EMBC 2023

A group of lab members attended the 45th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2023), which took place in Sydney from July 24 to 27.

Jon organised a workshop entitled “Advances in Sensorimotor Augmentation” and presented his recent research findings along with other featured speakers. He also introduced his research about “A virtual reality platform to evaluate supernumerary limbs’ appearance” at the conference. The lab’s PhD candidates Jing, Tianshi, Jihoon, and Xinliang also presented their papers and engaged in discussions with academics and researchers about their work:

Jing – “Experimental validation on dual-frequency outperforms single-frequency SSVEP with large numbers of targets within a given frequency range”

Tianshi – Feasibility evaluation of online classification-based control for gross movement in a 2-DoF prosthetic arm”

Jihoon – “A preliminary usability study of integrated electronic tattoo surface electromyography (sEMG) sensors”

Xinliang – “Using sEMG Signal Frequency to Evaluate Post-Stroke Elbow Spasticity”

In addition to their academic pursuits, the attendees also caught some exciting moments from the Women’s World Cup 2023 in Sydney during their after-hour time. The match between France and Jamaica ended in a 0-0 draw.

Journalist: Xinliang