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  1. Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack and the Bauhaus

    Colour photograph of two people looking at a table with various spinning tops. Above the table hangs a colour chart and a colour chart explaining how the spinning tops work.

    Jane Beattie, Assistant Archivist Melinda Barrie, Archivist Georgie Ward, Assistant Archivist 2019 marks the centenary anniversary of the opening of the Bauhaus Arts School in Berlin. …


  2. UMA’s tribute to John Ellis, Activist Archivist Photographer

    Deputy University Archivist Sue Fairbanks attended the Memorial for John Ellis in Geelong, Sunday 11 August. Sue’s Tribute. I first met John Ellis in 1991 when …


  3. When Greer came home: January – March 1972 ‘Save us from shaggy Germ, O Man.’

    Vanessa O’Neill is the recipient of the Joyce Thorpe Nicholson Fellowship. Her research has explored the impact of Greer’s provocations at key points in time over …


  4. Insurance records are not exciting

    By Catherine De Luca This is not a particularly controversial statement if the first conference for the History capstone subject at the University of Melbourne in …


  5. The Spirit of England in Australia: Alan Bell’s Nightly Broadcasts

    By Harshini Goonetilleke “Lately, I have been strenuously ramming down Australian throats Britain’s efforts and burden – which swell impressively when you are so many thousand …


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