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  1. Insurance records are not exciting

    By Catherine De Luca This is not a particularly controversial statement if the first conference for the History capstone subject at the University of Melbourne in …


  2. The Spirit of England in Australia: Alan Bell’s Nightly Broadcasts

    By Harshini Goonetilleke “Lately, I have been strenuously ramming down Australian throats Britain’s efforts and burden – which swell impressively when you are so many thousand …


  3. Archives of the disability rights movement

    On 28 March, the University of Melbourne Archives with the Arts Faculty and Scope co-hosted the launch of the Geoffrey Bell Archive, with support from the State …


  4. International Women’s Day 2019

    In December 1883 Bella Guerin became the first female student to graduate the University of Melbourne. Women had been granted the same right to tertiary education …


  5. After the Armistice: Longing for the Sunshine

    Kelly Lenehan “Never in my life have I seen such a real demonstration of joy. People were dancing and singing, bands were playing and the gloom …


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