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  1. Soldier Tourism in the Ray Jones Collection

    Meghan Conrick Over the last century the First World War has fascinated Australians and this interest continues to breathe new life into the personal collections of …


  2. The Raymond Priestley diaries

    Raymond Priestley was a significant figure across a number of fields. He was born on 20 July 1886 in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. Educated at Tewkesbury Grammar School, where …


  3. More than a “Degree Shop”

    Ravando Despite his short period (1935-38) in Melbourne, Sir Raymond Priestley made significant reforms at the University of Melbourne. As the first salaried Vice-Chancellor, his boldness …


  4. Diary Entry Dated February 3rd, 1935

    Christopher Orrell To some a diary may serve as a memory aid, or as a place to collect their innermost thoughts. To others it may function …


  5. An Antarctic joke and the journey to Australia

    Alice Margrison Antarctic explorer and University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor Raymond Priestley (1886-1974) kept a meticulous diary detailing his daily activities. This entry comes from the first …


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