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  1. More than a “Degree Shop”

    Ravando Despite his short period (1935-38) in Melbourne, Sir Raymond Priestley made significant reforms at the University of Melbourne. As the first salaried Vice-Chancellor, his boldness …


  2. Diary Entry Dated February 3rd, 1935

    Christopher Orrell To some a diary may serve as a memory aid, or as a place to collect their innermost thoughts. To others it may function …


  3. An Antarctic joke and the journey to Australia

    Alice Margrison Antarctic explorer and University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor Raymond Priestley (1886-1974) kept a meticulous diary detailing his daily activities. This entry comes from the first …


  4. Impoverished Artists

    Laurence Marvin S. Castillo The Daub art magazines produced by the students of the National Gallery Art School offer glimpses into the practices of art pedagogy …


  5. Vicarious communist: a reflection on the empathetic archivist

    Adapted from a presentation given at the symposium ‘Bernie Taft and 1968: Tanks in Prague, Turmoil in Australian Universities’, Friday 24th August 2018 by Jane Beattie, …


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