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  1. Women of the Conservatorium: Ruby Gray

    The above photograph, found in the University of Melbourne’s Rare Music Collection, portrays Ruby Gray in full stage costume and make-up for an unknown role. Gray …


  2. Women of the Conservatorium: Phyllis M Allinson

    Since the 19th century, newly minted, proud university graduates have engaged professional photographers to provide a lasting memento of their academic career. This image from the …


  3. Women of the Conservatorium: Mary Mauricette MacGillicuddy

    In the Baillieu Library Rare Music Collection there is a series of seven untitled, clothbound scrapbooks, each containing newspaper clippings dating from 1930-1947. These scrapbooks reveal …


  4. Two chilling Gothic micro-stories: Daisy Feller and Joss Deane write for the Dark imaginings exhibition competition

    Not the Co-Op Bookshop There is a space behind the other spaces, the spaces that you see. You will never see this place because you will …


  5. Louise Hanson-Dyer’s Literary Ventures

      As learning has become universal so culture has become rare … thus sensitive beauty calls us to pause and be refreshed… writes Louise Dyer in …


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