MATCH receives funding support from Google

In breaking news, today Google announced its 15 funding recipients of the “AI for the Global Goals” initiative, including MATCH – Music and Technology for Dementia Care led by Prof. Felicity Baker.
MATCH has been awarded $2M (US$1.3M). This funding combined with the team’s $2M from Australia’s Medical Research Future Fund will enable Prof. Baker to accelerate its development, working ever-closer towards enabling people with dementia to access the benefits of music for care regardless of geographical location or economic status.
The following summary of MATCH is posted on the “AI for the Global Goals” initiative:
“A common challenge for patients with dementia is agitation when emotional and physical needs go unmet. Combining the therapeutic benefits of music with wearable sensors and AI, MATCH (Music Attuned Technology – Care via eHealth) is an adaptive, music-based tool that aims to decrease agitation and reduce medical costs. This grant will support development of the sensor technology and AI-enabled music adaptive system as well as a pilot study in Australia to prepare the project to scale globally.”