News: July constitutional law conference will include focus on Hayne J

One of the many traditions when the guard changes at the High Court is reviews of the outgoing judge’s contribution to the law. At his final special leave hearing in Sydney two Fridays ago, members of the NSW profession spoke to Hayne J’s role, and further similar occasions will doubtless follow in Melbourne and Canberra. Alongside such ceremonial efforts, some (but not all) High Court judges also find themselves the topic of a conference or panel. In Hayne J’s case, such an examination will occur as part of a constitutional law conference to be held by Melbourne Law School’s Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies on July 23 and 24.

The conference will include two events specific to Hayne J. First, on the afternoon of Thursday 23 July, Hayne J will engage in a ‘public conversation’ with Professor Carolyn Evans, Dean of Melbourne Law School. Second, in a more traditional approach on the following afternoon, Hayne J’s contribution to Australian public law will be the topic of a panel, chaired by Hayne J’s new colleague on the Court, Nettle J, and consisting of three current public law barristers: two former associates of Hayne J (Frances Gordon and Stephen Donaghue) and a former associate of Mason CJ (Kris Walker.) Other panels on the Friday will examine three public law topics that have come to the fore while Hayne J has been on the Court: statutory interpretation, executive spending power, and proportionality.

Details about the conference are available here. Early bird registration for the conference ends on Sunday May 3.

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