News: High Court chaise longue for sale

Someone in Canberra is selling an ex-High Court chaise longue on Gumtree. I must admit that I am sorely tempted – surely the bloggers on this blog can only be inspired if we compose our posts on a court chaise longue? – although I suspect it’s “pickup only”! If you click on the link you’ll see it has a High Court stamp on the leg.

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Katy Barnett is a Professor at Melbourne Law School. She has published extensively in the areas of private law and remedies, and is a co-author of ‘Remedies in Australian Private Law’ with Dr Sirko Harder. In 2016 she received the Barbara Falk Award for excellence in teaching.

2 thoughts on “News: High Court chaise longue for sale

  1. It may not be there for long-ue?

    Longue? Oh the spell checker has verily let ye down thrice like!

  2. I’d always trust Katy over a spell-checker. At least according to Wikipedia, Chaise Longue means ‘long chair’, although confusingly the Swiss have a film called Lounge Chair (in English. In French, it’s La méridienne. I’m not sure what that is that Kristin Scott Thomas is lounging on.)

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