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Predicting the future threat of mosquitoes under climate change – Perran Stott-Ross

Mosquitoes are major global pests, transmitting harmful pathogens to humans and livestock and causing significant nuisance biting. Climate change will lead to unprecedented temperature increases in Australia, shifting the habitats that are suitable for mosquitoes. Insects are capable of rapid evolution, but we currently have a rudimentary understanding of how mosquitoes will evolve and adapt in response to climate change. 
My DECRA project aims to predict the future distributions of local and invasive mosquito species by testing their ability to adapt to hot, cold and dry environments. It focuses on three important mosquito species in Australia which are important vectors of disease in humans and livestock, including dengue, Ross River, and Japanese encephalitis viruses. The project will combine detailed laboratory experiments and predictive modelling to provide more accurate forecasts of mosquito distributions by incorporating adaptive changes.