Fellows & Associates Group

The SHAPS Fellows & Associates Group was formed in 2005, when a group of retired academics, historians, classicists and archaeologists met monthly to discuss their current research. Fellows and Associates have not retired from their work. We all continue to publish books, chapters of books, journal articles, book reviews and entries in the Australian and international dictionaries of biography as well as in various online journals and other forums. In their second year of existence, the SHAPS Fellows & Associates instigated an annual Research Day where we presented our work-in-progress and papers about their recent or forthcoming publications. The Research Day has become the Group’s main focus for our fundraising efforts. In 2019 the Group published the papers presented on the day. The monthly seminar series and the Fellows & Associates Research Day are a popular forum for intellectual and social interactions within the School. We encourage the participation of postgraduates and members of the historical profession.

In 2013 the Fellows & Associates Group began to contribute to an Essay Prize for postgraduates. It is awarded for an article published in a historical journal. Originally set at $500 per annum, in 2019 this prize was increased to $600. Dr Prue Torney, one of the founding members of the Fellows Group, was tragically killed in 2006. In 2011 the Group decided to finance a small prize in recognition of her work. Initially the prize was valued at $500. However, in 2019, the SHAPS Fellows & Associates combined with the SHAPS Prue Torney Memorial Prize and increased the prize to $600 per annum.

For further information on the Prue Torney Memorial Prize, see the Scholarships web page.

Contact details:

Tony Ward, Chair of Convenor Committee: tonyward@bigpond.net.au

Greg Burgess, Communications Coordinator: gbburge@unimelb.edu.au

Feature image: Staff of the University of Melbourne History Department, 1945. Photographer unknown. University of Melbourne Archives, UMA1991.0009